PublisherThe Funambulist2016
This conversation addresses an important aspect of Merve Bedir’s work (along with Jason Hilgefort at Land+Civilization Compositions) regarding the architectural and linguistic dimension of Turkish politics regarding the 2.5 million refugees the country currently “hosts” — the very notions of “host” and “guest” are the first things discussed here. Through the description of several sites of either appropriation or dispossession/detention by and of refugee bodies in Istanbul and in other regions of Turkey, we try to think of the architect’s political role and responsibility, remembering however that we must always doubt of our own actions when they have such drastic consequences. Merve ...
PublisherThe Funambulist2017
This conversation was recorded with Hoda Katebi, the self-defined “sarcastic (& angry) Muslim-Iranian writer, photographer, and activist living in Chicago” behind the political fashion blog JooJoo Azad (“free bird” in Farsi) to be featured in The Funambulist 15 (Jan-Feb. 2018) Clothing Politics #2. In January 2017, a few days after the inauguration of the current U.S. President and the subsequent massive feminist protest, she wrote an article entitled “Please Keep Your American Flags Off My Hijab” about which we discuss in this interview, along with many other facets of her work with regards to clothing in relation to imperialism, capitalism ...
PublisherSocial Discipline2020
Friends of the Pod: Sonia de Jager and Martina Raponi join us to talk about miasmatic-fractal-Trump as a dark corona that is eating into us and the lack of new forms of oppression. Sonic contributions by Martina and Kostis Kylimis, music selection by Sonia and grinded by us during the pod.
PublisherThe Funambulist2014
This podcast, recorded with the three founders of Demilit (Bryan Finoki, Nick Sowers, and Javier Arbona) is a precedent for Archipelago since it constitutes both a walk to examine the hyper controlled policed space of downtown Oakland and a receptacle for the echoes of Occupy Oakland that comes as interludes to our discussion. We observe objects and spaces that are produced by securitarian logic that often attempt to dissimulate their function by an aesthetic of the ordinary. Starting from Oakland City Hall where Occupy used to have its encampment, we spend the first part of the conversation around the administrative/corporate center of ...
PublisherTriple Canopy2019
“How could my grandmother have made millions from the antiquated traditions and ridiculous superstitions that I’d been so desperate to abandon?” An essay on the monetization of traditional Chinese medicine and failed promises of diaspora. “Aconite, My Roots,” by Henry Zhang is part of Resentment, the twenty-fifth issue of Triple Canopy, that is devoted to reclaiming—if not recuperating—resentment, especially as harbored by those who are used to fits of anger and bitterness being indicted as unproductive, petty, selfish, even pathological.
PublisherThe Funambulist2020
Proverbs for Decolonized Consciences Ali Jimale Ahmed is a Somali poet, cultural critic, short-story writer, and scholar. He is Professor and former chair of Comparative Literature at Queens College of the City University of New York, where he also teaches for the Africana Studies Program and the Department of Classical, Middle Eastern, and Asian Languages and Cultures; he is also on the Comparative Literature faculty at the CUNY Graduate center. His books include The Invention of Somalia (1995), Daybreak Is Near: Literature, Clans, and the Nation-State in Somalia (1996), Fear Is a Cow (2002), Diaspora Blues (2005), The Road Less Traveled: ...
PublisherThe Funambulist2020
Aboroginal Women’s Presence Amy McQuire is a Darumbal and South Sea Islander journalist and writer with 12 years experience in Aboriginal and independent media. She is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland looking at media représentations of violence against Aboriginal women.
PublisherThe Funambulist2020
The House of Students of the Empire Ana Naomi de Sousa is a documentary filmmaker and writer, who works on spatial politics, identity, history and resistance.
PublishersSternberg Presse-flux2011
Let’s be clear about something: it is infuriating that most interesting artists are perfectly capable of functioning in at least two or three professions that are, unlike art, respected by society in terms of compensation and general usefulness. When the flexibility, certainty, and freedom promised by being part of a critical outside are revealed as extensions of recent advances in economic exploitation, does the field of art become the uncritical, complicit inside of something far more interesting?
A presentation by artist E.T. Chong followed by a discussion focusing on interrogating dominant ideas of “position” in terms of sexuality, race, and power, including the history of Asian subjects and bodies in relation to White supremacy. The presentation will include projects such as his recent “Asian Tops White Bottoms” performance at Recess, social deconditioning hypnosis treatments, and research into the troubled figure of Black Panther Richard Aoki. E.T. Chong E.T. Chong is an activist, artist, and community builder focused on creating platforms for marginalized communities. His current practice creates safe spaces for queer and non-gender binary minorities within the Asian Pacific Islander ...
PublisherNew Models2020
Astroturfs of Offense is a diagram and glossary of terms related to the topic of astroturfing. The project is a collaboration between the New Models community and Shifting Uncertain Situations (S.U.S.). S.U.S. is an agency that seeks out public discussions and intervenes to produce documents that sow productive suspicion and ambiguity into wider conversations and unsettle ingrained patterns of thought. The agency encourages protesters to download and distribute their flyer at grassroots and astroturfed events.
PublisherThe Funambulist2020
Jazz Against Apartheid (Talk + DJ Mix) Atiyyah Khan is a journalist, researcher, selector, crate-digger, event organiser and archivist from Johannesburg, based in Cape Town. She currently freelances as an arts journalist, documenting visual arts, theatre, music, film and other forms of culture in South Africa. Atiyyah is also the co-founder of music collective Future Nostalgia, which hosts listening session around Cape Town celebrating the culture of records. As DJ El Corazon, her sets explore music beyond boundaries forming connections that link the global south to the rest of the world in order to evoke curiosity in the possibility of sound. ...

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