Sound installations

PublisherSinkhole Audio2015
15 minutes, 51 seconds duration Performed by the artist and Cia Rinne, with birdsong recordings from the Tierstimmenarchiv (Animal Sound Archive) at the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin selected by Dr Karl-Heinz Frommolt The analytical bibliographer charts the movements of books through time and space. Each copy of an edition makes its own journey, like a migrating bird. Only in the painstaking, scholarly work of bibliography is the homecoming of an entire edition possible. A copy of ‘Vögel vor der Kamera’ — birds on camera — is disbound. Artist Susanne Kriemann overprints the loose pages with large letterpress type. The letters H, O, ...
Ellie Ga
In September of 2007 Ellie Ga joined the Tara, a research vessel drifting in the upper reaches of the Arctic. The Tara was the second boat in history constructed to purposefully drift indefinitely in the frozen sea. Ellie joined the crew of ten, as the only artist on board, for the last half-year of the expedition. She maintained a close conversation with us, reporting with sounds, images and texts via email and the occasional satellite phone call. These are some excerpts from Ga’s sound dispatches from the Arctic. Last Day of Sun, October 2007 Map Intro, October 2007 Map Part 2, October 2007 Map Part 3, October 2007 Le ...
What you are hearing right now, if you’re at 1:48 of my recording, which I did via my iPhone’s “Voice Memos” function, is me typing the words you’re currently reading. I’m in Bobst Library, which is New York University’s library. I’m in a computer lab with 24 Apple computers. I’ve probably been in this computer lab 2000+ times. Besides me, there are 6 people in here. I haven’t counted the number of computers or estimated the amount of days I’ve beeninhere—that I can remember at the moment—until today, and I’ve been using this computer lab for something like the past ...
Recently, there has been a revived interest in the medium of radio, which can be attributed to the extended range of network-based services. Most important in this context is the world-wide availability of high-quality streaming, the abolishing of monopolies, or at least the unproblematic and easy access to technologies and infrastructures as well as concessions and licences. After all its years of existence, and despite momentous technological chances, radio still displays its characteristic directness, a characteristic already pointed out by Rudolf Arnheim and Bertolt Brecht and later by Marshall McLuhan. Currently, there is an abundance of art radio projects, practically all ...
How to approach the accessibility of new music to new audiences? How to entice people to get closer and discover without preconceptions or reluctance—but rather as a new form of participation and natural listening experience, what is often perceived as difficult music? What is the relationship of this music, if any, with contemporary arts in a way that it may grasp the attention and active involvement of the spectator and/or listener? Sound and music seem to have been underwhelmingly part of contemporary museums. However, they are shyly making their way in the area of contemporary art, often via visual artists keen ...
PublisherOpen File2011
A cumulative publication was created in collaboration with White Room Press for the Open File series at Grand Union, pages and content were added to the publication throughout the events.
PublisherRabRab Press2014
Published in Tbilisi, in 2014, Sezgin Boynik’s Still Stealing Steel is historical-materialist study of avant-garde zaum language. The book actualises the most radical and subversive promises of Futurist zaum experiments made at the beginning of XX century in Russia and Georgia.

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