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PublisherThe Funambulist2019
Léopold Lambert met with Indigenous Lakota activists Madonna Thunder Hawk and Marcella Gilbert during their passage in France to present Christina D. King and Elizabeth A. Castle’s film Warrior Women that portrays their struggle over two generation — Madonna is Marcella’s mother. In this conversation, we talked about four episodes of Indigenous resistance in Turtle Island (North America): the occupations of Alcatraz (1969), Mount Rushmore (1971), Wounded Knee (1973) and Standing Rock (2016), all of which were experienced by Madonna. Madonna Thunderhawk is an Oohenumpa Lakota. Born and raised across the Oceti Sakowin homelands, she first became active in the late 1960s as a ...
PublisherThe Funambulist2019
In this conversation recorded in our office, Jacqueline Hoàng Nguyễn answers Léopold Lambert’s questions about the way she interprets or/and constructs various kinds of archives through her artistic work. The first part of the conversation addresses diasporic archives through her project The Making of an Archive (2014-now), which undertakes to digitize photographs from immigrant families in Canada and Sweden. They then proceed to interrogate the colonial archives in Jacqueline’s work following her 2015 residency in the Museum of Ethnography in Stockholm that led to the exhibition Black Atlas (2016). Through phrases such as “How did the world came to Europe” ...
The texts gathered in this issue of e-flux journal reflect upon the censorship of Cuban artists that has taken place in the shadow of the political negotiations between the island and the United States. They are the words of Cuban intellectuals who have chosen to respond to erasures brought about by overzealous state authority, a politics of complicity among Cuban artists, and the strategic blindness of Cuba’s enthusiasts.
PublisherIll Will Editions2019
This letter first appeared on May 3, 2019, on the ZADForever blog. “The art of winning on the ZAD involved so many tactics from legal to illegal, but under each one of them lay the shared belief that the airport would never get built, it was an intense act of imagination aimed at envisioning a future without an airport. Is it possible to conjure up that rebel imagination against the third runway?” Shouts out to our friends in Minneapolis for their design work on this one.
PublisherIll Will Editions2019
An unknown but familiar territory has begun to take on a political existence. The yellow vests have situated themselves in a peripheral space made up of non-places: roundabouts, motorway tolls, shopping center parking lots – the same circulatory axes along which the atomized functions to which neo-urbanites are consigned are organized and distributed. This daily environment of millions of people stuck in early morning and late afternoon traffic jams seemed to have neutralized any possibility of an event. Statistics suggest that half of the French population lives in this periphery. All of these people had been desperately invisible…in order to ...
Grounded Urban Practices → are projects, initiatives or offices who use space as a key agent of change → are rooted in communities, social movements or local areas → are critical of the status quo → experiment with legal, financial and organizational models as well as strategies, methods and tools A wave of Grounded Urban Practices has emerged in Cairo after the 2011 revolution and in Amsterdam/Rotterdam during the 2008-2012 financial crisis. After almost a decade of experimental research and interventions challenging business-as-usual spatial production, many GUPs in both contexts face several difficulties today. In Egypt, the regime has managed to restore order, while in ...
PublisherUtopian Acts2019
Help Us Build the World is an anthology zine edited and assembled by the Utopian Acts collective. The founders and current organisers of the Utopian Acts network are Katie Stone and Raphael Kabo.
I Want a President: Transcript of a Rally documents a November 6th, 2016 reading on New York’s High Line. In advance of last year’s general election, the event convened artists, writers, and poets to reflect upon political leadership and community action in relation to Zoe Leonard’s text from 1992. Contributors include: Sharon Hayes, Zoe Leonard, Fred Moten & Stefano Harney, Wu Tsang, Morgan Bassichis, Mel Elberg, Malik Gaines, Alexandro Segade, Layli Long Soldier, Pamela Sneed, Eileen Myles, Justin Vivian Bond & Nath Ann Carrera. With thanks to: Dancing Foxes Press, Joseph Logan Design, High Line Art, Friends of the Highline, The Standard, Thea ...
Progressive Art Institutions in the Age of Dissolving Welfare States The final word of power is that resistance is primary.” (Gilles Deleuze) The indissoluble link between power and resistance, as described byFoucault and Deleuze, is especially evident in the institutions of theart field. Progressive art institutions play a particularly exposed role here as buffers against the influence of state and capital on critical art practices and as machines of a soft instrumentalization of resistance at the same time. The essays in this edition discuss strategies and alliances between activist art practices and progressive art institutions that are capable of providing artistic criticism ...
Why do we design our landscapes to inflict particular kinds of coercive activities on other people? Geographer and filmmaker Brett Story invites us to see, and unsee, the spaces of carceral power.
Reflecting on recent struggles—from Standing Rock and Flint to mobilizations in California’s Central Valley and in New Orleans and Puerto Rico following Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Maria—Julie Sze explores how organizers and movements fight and create in the face of environmental and social violence. What can they teach us?
PublisherPrinted Matter2010
We contradiction culturists and garbologists. We create our own notes from the toss-out’s of the economy’s music. We strip the music of its purposes and sing the deedles beyond the reach of the purposemakers…
PublisherIll Will Editions2019
The meme reopens the basic question of the Party, and offers what is perhaps the minimal basis for organizing a force of rupture in the twenty-first century. The fluidity of the meme makes it possible to join a march, a blockade or a roundabout occupation without having to buy into a “common interest” or the legitimizing “beliefs” of a movement. It does not solve, but simply defers the question of a common grammar of suffering to a later point…The meme authorizes everyone to act on their respective experience of how the ‘elites’ (a deliberately under-constructed enemy) have screwed them over, ...
Welcome to The Militant Research Handbook! It’s designed to help you answer the question: what is militant research? Let’s begin by saying that it’s the place where academia and activism meet in the search for new ways of acting that lead to new ways of thinking. Native American activist Andrea Smith quotes her mentor Judy Vaughn to this effect: “You don’t think your way into a different way of acting; you act your way into a different way of thinking.”
In Situated Technologies Pamphlets 9, Helen Nissenbaum and Kazys Varnelis initiate a redefinition of privacy in the age of big data and networked, geo-spatial environments. Digital technologies permeate our lives and make the walls of the built environment increasingly porous, no longer the hard boundary they once were when it comes to decisions about privacy. Data profiling, aggregation, analysis, and sharing are broad and hidden, making it harder than ever to constrain the flow of data about us. Cautioning that suffocating surveillance could lead to paralyzed dullness, Nissenbaum and Varnelis do not ask us to retreat from digital media but ...
PublisherNew Models2019
New Models speaks with Z, founder of Black Socialists of America (BSA) about the organization’s recently launched DUAL POWER MAP: a critical tool for building a new economic order in America within the existing capitalist structure, starting with black worker-owned businesses and co-ops
PublisherPrinted Matter2008
Please destroy this book. Let it free into the world. In the summer of 2006, while teaching in New York City at The Kitchen, I met Aaron Hughes: an artist, student, and recently returning soldier. Only months previously he had been discharged from the army. Since our first meeting, and his return home to the states from Iraq, Aaron has set about to creatively interpret his service in the army, his time in the field, and to utilize his skills as a creative force to do his part to help end the war in Iraq. One of the outlets that ...
PublisherThe Funambulist2019
In this interview by Léopold Lambert, Mpho Matsipa describes the spirit and contents of the exhibition she curated in 2018. Entitled “African Mobilities: This is not a Refugee Camp Exhibition,” this powerfully-curated gathering of artworks provides the bases of a conversation about the notions of mobilities and temporalities in the context of the African continent, from the mind-expanding maps of the Chimurenga Library and the cartographic entanglements by Dana Whariba, Thembinkosi Goniwe and Nolan Oswald Dennis to the futurist vision of Olalekan Jeyifous and Wale Lawal. Mpho Matsipa received her PhD in Architecture from UC Berkeley. She is Adjunct Assistant Professor ...
PublisherPrinted Matter2011
Paper Tiger Television is a video collective. We look at the communications industry via the media in all its forms. The power of mass culture rests on the trust of the public. This legitimacy is a paper tiger. Investigation into the corporate structures of the media and critical analysis of their content is one way to demystify the information industry. Developing a critical consciousness about the information industry is a necessary first step towards democratic control of information resources.
PublisherThe Funambulist2019
Léopold met with Nadia Ben Youssef during the second Black and Palestinian Solidarity conference in Naarm (Melbourne) on Indigenous Wurundjeri land, organized by Gary Foley and Suzannah Henty in November 2019. In this conversation, Nadia recounts the history of the 1955 Bandung Conference through the perspective of her grand father, Tunisian revolutionary Salah Ben Youssef who was representing Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco in the fight against French colonialism. The discussion addresses the way the Bandung spirit was broken by France’s neocolonial strategies that manufactured new types of dependencies for former colonies in Africa. They conclude the conversation with considerations of ...
In this volume, passionate texts from the last decade by artist and theory collective Claire Fontaine are brought together with an extended concluding essay and foreword. Moving across militant, aesthetic and poetic registers these texts consider what resistance might look like in the age of human capital, where all dimensions of the self are infiltrated and conscripted by capital in its pursuit of value. Their answer is the human strike – a strike against the demands on the self imposed by power – in the interest of ‘changing ourselves’, becoming who we want to become. This strike has been happening ...
PublisherIll Will Editions2019
Contemporary land-based struggles such as the zad at NotreDame-des-Landes and the NoTAV movement in Italy make prolonged battles such as the Larzac in France and Sanrizuka in Japan emerge as the defining conflicts of the worldwide long 1960s. Nantes plutôt que Nanterre.
PublisherIll Will Editions2016
A 2016 interview with Ben Morea, revolutionary animist and founding member of the 1960′s anarchist street gang, Up Against the Wall, Motherfucker!
PublisherPrinted Matter2012
The Zone explores the intersections between neo-liberal and colonial regimes in the contemporary Palestinian context. By evoking both the phantasmagoria of the dream-worlds and the dystopia of the catastrophe that marks this landscape, the project reveals a situation of surreal absurdity and a growing sense of the uncanny. Navigating a dialectic of dreamworld and catastrophe, desire and disaster, past and present. The incongruence is arresting. The dissonance jarring.

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