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PublisherAsia Art Archive2017
Pakistan-based artist Rashid Rana inquired into the possibilities of fiction to construct multiple pasts through notes, images, and schematic representations of his collaborative work-in- progress Present Elsewhere.
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In 1965, Bruno Munari designed a small black box — the austere 15-cm steel cube housed four aluminum cones, each painted half-red and half-green and set to spin at four distinct speeds on an 18-minute cycle to produce a very slowly turning composite color moving from red to green. Munari called it the Tetracono and its function was to show forms in the process of becoming: The art of the past has accustomed us to seeing nature as static: a sunset, a face, an apple, all static. People go to nature looking for images such as these static things, whereas an apple is in ...
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PublisherLink Editions2015
In Vanishing Acts, Eileen Isagon Skyers looks at the role of network-based art practices as an aesthetic critique of our engagement with interface technologies that are increasingly seamless and, largely, undetectable. There’s a direct correlation between the imperceptible interface and the distracted nature of human cognition. There are certain urgencies assailing our nervous systems now that were simply never there before. And despite our endless customization of web content, we’re unable to observe the computational processes that make the information manifest. In this situation, net art has the ability to reveal something quite crucial about the changing nature of subjectivity in ...
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PublisherPrinted on Paige2013
World Clock tells of 1440 incidents that take place around the world at each minute of a day. The novel was inspired by Stanislaw Lem’s “One Human Minute” and Harry Mathews’s “The Chronogram for 1998.” It celebrates the industrial concept of time and certain types of vigorous banality which are shared by all people throughout the world. This novel was generated with 165 lines of Python code, all of which were written by the author in about four hours on November 27, 2013. The only external data source that is used in the generation process is the computer’s time zone database. ...

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