Index of Titles Filed Under 'Animality'

PublisherSinkhole Audio2015
15 minutes, 51 seconds duration Performed by the artist and Cia Rinne, with birdsong recordings from the Tierstimmenarchiv (Animal Sound Archive) at the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin selected by Dr Karl-Heinz Frommolt The analytical bibliographer charts the movements of books through time and space. Each copy of an edition makes its own journey, like a migrating bird. Only in the painstaking, scholarly work of bibliography is the homecoming of an entire edition possible. A copy of ‘Vögel vor der Kamera’ — birds on camera — is disbound. Artist Susanne Kriemann overprints the loose pages with large letterpress type. The letters H, O, ...
Division is the characteristic habit of humanity: ēthos anthropōi daimōn, as Heraclitus had it. Demons for division, we divide and are divided. Taken over by divisions within ourselves, the demonic appears as the divided self. Wherever the self realizes an apparent struggle, whenever one is possessed by another, the demon is present. Possession dramatizes self-production as a fight for local control. Demonology is the science of these heteronomous selves, these others inside us. “From the beginning,” Boris Groys writes in this issue, “the contemporary artist is demonic: he is possessed by himself and cannot be relieved of his demons.”  
Publisheronestar press2014
This book was produced in the context of Art Dubai’s Marker, a curated not-for-profit gallery programme that concentrates each year on a particular theme or geography. ( The 2014 edition of Marker is curated by Slavs and Tatars and takes Central Asia and the Caucasus as its focus.
… is an ensemble which contends that the meaning of the Anthropocene is less a geological re-formation than it is trans-formation of both land and animal; once exposed to some of the parameters defining this transition, the reader-as-exhibition-viewer may begin to discern erratic rhythms generated by the creatures of nonconformity that inhabit, with their violence, struggles, and love the vast, machinic reality called Earth.
JAMES HIGHAM talks about the evolution and ecology of nonhuman primates, as well as the ethics and politics involved in long-term fieldwork with: rhesus and macaques at Cayo Santiago, Puerto Rico, which was wiped out by Hurricane Maria in 2017; and the movements of people and cattle at Gashaka Gumti in Nigeria. He is interested in variation and sexual selection, and the urgent questions around conservation. Higham works across fields of primatology and anthropology. He is professor of Anthropology at New York University where he also leads the Primate Reproductive Ecology and Evolution Group.
PublisherCura Books2015
Styrofoam seagulls, replicant owls, and explosive donkeys casually amble through this visual primer on some aesthetics, histories, and cinematic legacies of artificial animals. Comprising three commissioned essays and a pool of visual research tracing hidden overlaps between technical and natural forms, Scrim Sinews connects DARPA robotics with the HUAC testimony of Bertolt Brecht, and the chronophotographic gun to the high realism of Pinnochio. Convened and edited by Benjamin Tiven and Per-Oskar Leu on the occasion of their joint exhibition at 1/9unosunove gallery in Rome, Nov. 2014-Jan. 2015. Includes commissioned essays by Homay King, Philip Glahn, and Jonah Westerman. Design by Lucas Quigley using ...
The arrow arrives at its destination with a clamor, its blackness marking the arrival of thought from the outside: thought as problem, thought as sabotage.
Treasures from the Forest is a small collection of folktales from native indigenous Brazil, retold by the author as she remembers it from her own childhood. In an attempt to keep these stories alive and present in an increasingly globalized media, she decided to collect and bring them to the European reader. The book is an ode to a mystical childhood and a thank you to the author’s culture and roots. The tales are accompanied by the author’s own animated illustrations.

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