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The third episode of the Corona Under the Ocean chapter, featuring anthropology professor Cynthia Chou, is dedicated to the Orang Suku Laut, a nomadic community from the Malay world sea in Southeast Asia. Thanks to more than three decades of research, Cynthia Chou’s work brings us closer to the worldview and life practices of the Orang Suku Laut, for whom humans are just another element among the many creatures that inhabit oceans and land. Continually moved by the tides, their ancestral relationship with the environment not only puts many aspects of modern societies into question, but shows that another kind ...
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Curator Juana Berrío and artist Delcy Morelos visit the Gold Museum in Bogotá, which houses the world’s largest collection of pre-conquest gold artifacts. They talk about the cultural differences of valuing gold objects, highlighting intrinsic, economic, ceremonial or environmental aspects; the uses of plants with power; the poporo; human-animal bodies; and how to overcome the muteness of those distant objects made by eradicated ethnicities.
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PublisherThe Funambulist2013
This conversation is the first one I recorded for Archipelago (hence the not-so-great quality of the sound, sorry!). In the first part of the discussion, Sarah and I attempt to introduce the philosophy of Gilbert Simondon through his concepts of individuation, allagmatic, milieu, the body as “always more than one.” His work is important to us as Sarah explains because it went from a metaphysics of “being” to one of “becoming,” allowing things not to have an essence, but rather to be involved in the process of their individuation. In the second part of the conversation, I ask questions to Sarah ...
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PublisherHatje Cantz2020
For quite some time now, ethnographic museums in Europe have been compelled to legitimate themselves. Their exhibition-making has become a topic of discussion, as has the contentious history of their collections, which have come about through colonial appropriation. Clearly, this cannot continue. That the situation can be different is something that Clémentine Deliss explores in her current publication. She offers an intriguing mix of autobiographically-informed novel and conceptual thesis on contemporary art and anthropology. Reflections on her own work while she was Director of Frankfurt’s Weltkulturen Museum (Museum of World Cultures) are interwoven with the explorations of influential filmmakers, artists ...
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PublisherThe Funambulist2017
This conversation with Mayanthi Fernando constitutes a new episode in a series of discussions with US-based researchers whose terrain of political investigations is situated in France. After Crystal Marie Flemming and Mehammed Amadeus Mack, Mayanthi describes her methodology and her work that she articulated in her book, The Republic Unsettled that was published in 2014. We talk about the ideological, legal, and discursive framework through which secularism (laicité) is approached, and often politically instrumentalized in the French Republic. In a second part, we describe the aspirations of the Muslim French community between “a right to difference” and “a right to indifference,” as ...
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PublisherHatje Cantz2012
This title will be available soon. The name of Claude Lévi-Strauss, who died exactly two years ago to the day on which I write these notes (October 30, 2011), has be- come emblematically associated with what some call, disdainfully, “binary thought.” Structural anthropology would evidence a reaction- ary partiality for dual, symmetrical, static, and reversible oppositions, and for the analogies of proportionality that one can build with them, such as totemic systems.The French anthropologist would thus be a kind of champion of the bi- nary system (or of the binary machine, as Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari would have said), conceiving ...

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