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John discusses how he creates questions within his artwork for the viewer, when his sculpture informs his paintings, and asks the question of why what we make matters beyond the art world.
B. Wurtz speaks about his life as an artist growing up in California and moving to New York in the 1980’s. We discuss the relationship of his artwork to pop art, surrealism, and conceptual art as well as how to understand when a piece is complete. After having his first institutional retrospective in Europe he shares how he’s preparing for his first U.S. museum retrospective at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.
Artist and media critic Alessandro Ludovico interviews the three artists named Janez Janša. It’s no coincidence that they have the same name and not by chance that they share it with the former Slovenian Prime minister: they deliberately and officially changed the names they’d had from birth to Janez Janša. They also joined the right-wing SDS party led by their homonymous counterpart. After that they experienced a “visible disappearance” from having canceled their previous names but simultaneously having gained huge visibility thanks to their radical gesture. Changing your name is similar to dying: it affects more people other than just ...
PublisherInduction Burners2017
With Ajay Kurian and Darren Bader
PublisherInduction Burners2016
Interview with Rose Marcus
Episode 1: Austerity Mareike Dittmer, Stefanie Hessler, Natascha Sadr Haghighian in conversation with Chus Martínez and Quinn Latimer. Promise No Promises is a podcasts series produced by the Women’s Center for Excellence, a research project between the Art Institute and the Instituto Susch—a joint venture with Grażyna Kulczyk and Art Stations Foundation CH. The Women’s Center for Excellence is conceived as a think tank tasked to assess, develop, and propose new social languages and methods to understand the role of women in the arts, culture, science, and technology, as well as in all knowledge areas that are interconnected with the field of culture today.
PublisherInduction Burners2016
Nick Buffon and Daniel Heidkamp
PublisherInduction Burners2016
Pam Lins and Lee Maida
PublisherDroste Effect2018
James R. Southard has been working with small community groups in the hopes of building collaborative digital photo and video projects. Each series has been catered to the issues and concerns of each region through documenting local habits, patterns, rituals, language, history, and so on. This most recent year, James has started to turn the lens around towards himself. He has started to alter this regional material gathering technique into a biographical survey of his late father’s experiences in the 1970s. The resulting work has been a digital collage of still and moving images along with life action shots, building ...
PublisherInduction Burners2017
Induction Burners episode #21, with Korakrit Arunanondchai.  
PublisherInduction Burners2016
Aaron Gemmill and Dana Schutz
PublisherInduction Burners2017
With Leah Pires and Peter Fend
PublisherInduction Burners2016
Interview with artist Sara Greenberger Rafferty
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Interview series between contemporary artists.
PublisherInduction Burners2016
with Jacques Vidal and Heather Guertin
Anicka Yi, Stefania Bortolami, Cristina Delgado, et alRuba Katrib, Andrew Russeth, Amy Sillman
PublisherLonely Samurai2014
Anicka discusses with gallerist Stefania Bortolami, collector Cristina Delgado, curator Ruba Katrib, critic Andrew Russeth, and artist Amy Sillman the viability of female networks and bottom-line economics for women in the contemporary-art world. First of a three-part series.
Anicka Yi, Christophe Laudamiel, Sean Raspet
PublisherLonely Samurai2014
What is the language of scent? Master perfumer Christophe Laudamiel and artist Sean Raspet chat with Anicka about our limited olfactive vocabulary and how to expand it.
Anicka Yi, Thomas Alexander
PublisherLonely Samurai2014
Anicka is in conversation with intellectual property/anticompetition lawyer and contemporary-art collector Thomas Alexander. They raise a glass to joke-writing techniques, condiment wars and so much more…
Anicka Yi, Juliana Huxtable, Park McArthur, et alKeren Cytter, Rebecca Quaytman, Rachel Harrison
PublisherLonely Samurai2016
A new episode on the viabilities of female networks with a discussion between Juliana Huxtable, Park McArthur, Keren Cytter, Rebecca Quaytman and Rachel Harrison. We discuss gendered formalism, entitlement and much more…
In this episode Lucy Skaer discuss her solo exhibition Exit, Voice and Loyalty with Tramway curator Claire Jackson. For her most ambitious solo exhibition in the UK since the Turner prize in 2009, Lucy Skaer presents a new body of work spanning ceramics, film, litho and wood-cut prints and sculpture. Exit, Voice and Loyalty takes its title from economist Albert O. Hirschman’s essay on how change comes about through dissent. Although not directly linked to the book, Skaer is interested in how economics provides a shifting representation of the materials world, and how this idea can be related to sculpture. Using a ...
PublisherUntitled Radio2015
This program originally aired on, Saturday, December 5, 2015 at 2:30pm EST, live from the Untitled art fair in Miami Beach. — Choreographers and artists Madeline Hollander (NYC) and Amanda Keeley (Miami) in conversation on Untitled, radio, about their performances at the 4th edition of Untitled, Miami Beach: “MILE” and “Dance Constructions”.
PublisherBadlands Unlimited2013
In 1964, Calvin Tomkins spent a number of afternoons interviewing Marcel Duchamp in his apartment on West 10th Street in New York. Casual yet insightful, Duchamp reveals himself as a man and an artist whose playful principles toward living freed him to make art that was as unpredictable, complex, and surprising as life itself. Those interviews have never been edited and made public, until now. The Afternoon Interviews, which includes an introductory interview with Tomkins reflecting on Duchamp as an artist, guide, and friend, reintroduces the reader to key ideas of his artistic world and renews Duchamp as a vital model ...
In continuing our season-long exploration of the question “What makes great art?” co-hosts Lauren Wetmore and Sky Goodden speak to essential voices about what are we seeking – and so often missing – in our experience of art. What follows is an interview with the British-Ghanaian curator, critic, and art historian Osei Bonsu. Based in Paris and London, Bonsu focuses on transnational histories of art. In conversation with Lauren Wetmore, he contemplates how we have exchanged a generosity of thought for a culture of transaction, and how the experience of meeting great art can be ahistorical – out of place ...

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