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PublishersSternberg Presse-flux2011
Let’s be clear about something: it is infuriating that most interesting artists are perfectly capable of functioning in at least two or three professions that are, unlike art, respected by society in terms of compensation and general usefulness. When the flexibility, certainty, and freedom promised by being part of a critical outside are revealed as extensions of recent advances in economic exploitation, does the field of art become the uncritical, complicit inside of something far more interesting?
PublisherThe Club2019
“Defacement” introduces twelve contemporary artists, and presents them in context alongside the “Situationist International,” an intellectual, social and artistic organization active from 1957-1972 which included Asger Jorn and Guy Debord. The Situationists aimed to critique the evolving mass-consumerist society resulting from the globalizing force of capitalism. At the core of the exhibition is a re-reading of the strategy détournement, specifically interpreting the concept of defacement. The exhibition includes painter Jacqueline de Jong, who was one of the original members of “Situationist International,” Andy Warhol, whose use of repetition negated the concept of preciousness and posed a question to our conception ...
In 2018 [NAME] Publications launched dispatches, an online journal that explores the cross-cutting relations between everyday and formalized cultural production and the enduring colonial logic of capitalism. Published in Spanish and English, each issue of the journal offers a variety of contributions that analyze emergent tendencies that cast their lot with anti-extractivist and climate struggles, alert us to cultural and territorial dispossession, highlight new forms of resistance and epistemological reconfigurations, and in the process offer a prism through which to read the complex configurations that define our contemporary moment.
In this volume, passionate texts from the last decade by artist and theory collective Claire Fontaine are brought together with an extended concluding essay and foreword. Moving across militant, aesthetic and poetic registers these texts consider what resistance might look like in the age of human capital, where all dimensions of the self are infiltrated and conscripted by capital in its pursuit of value. Their answer is the human strike – a strike against the demands on the self imposed by power – in the interest of ‘changing ourselves’, becoming who we want to become. This strike has been happening ...
Here is a definition of paraphrase: (1) A rewording of something written or spoken by someone else, esp. with the aim of making the sense clearer; a free rendering of a passage. And here is a paraphrase of the definition of paraphrase: (1a) A restatement of someone else’s writing or speech, particularly to clarify the meaning; an approximate version. Can there be a definition, in turn, of paraphrase (1a)? No: a definition captures the general linguistic potential of a word or phrase, abstracted from any particular statement. A paraphrase reprises a particular statement, as (1a) reprises (1). For the same reason, there cannot be ...
If water is a human right, what does that mean for a capitalist society? Anthropologist Andrea Ballestero considers change within systems that are supposed to be stuck.
PublisherStrelka Press2013
“Less is more” goes the modernist dictum. But is it? In an age when we are endlessly urged to do “more with less”, can we still romanticise the pretensions of minimalism? For Pier Vittorio Aureli, the return of “austerity chic” is a perversion of what ought to be a meaningful way of life. Charting the rise of asceticism in early Christianity and its institutionalisation with the medieval monasteries, Aureli examines how the basic unit of the reclusive life – the monk’s cell – becomes the foundation of private property. And from there, he argues, it all starts to go wrong. By ...
The MyCreativity Reader is a collection of critical research into the creative industries. The material develops out of the MyCreativity Convention on International Creative Industries Research held in Amsterdam, November 2006. This two-day conference sought to bring the trends and tendencies around the creative industries into critical question. The ‘creative industries’ concept was initiated by the UK Blair government in 1997 to revitalise de-industrialised urban zones. Gathering momentum after being celebrated in Richard Florida’s best-seller The Creative Class (2002), the concept mobilised around the world as the zeitgeist of creative entrepreneurs and policy-makers. Despite the euphoria surrounding the creative industries, there ...
PublisherNew Models2020
Featuring Washington D.C.-based writer/editor MIKE CRUMPLAR, whose work focuses on radicalization in America and the systemic drivers of incel culture. This January, Mike published the first segment of a project that looks at the autobiographical writings of Isla Vista spree shooter Elliot Rodger. His Framework takes Elliot not as author, but as subject—a protagonist trapped in his own novel as an unwitting byproduct of American late-capitalism.
“The dark forest theory generalizes on a cosmic level the entropic nature of communication. Its trees grow roots everywhere. We patrol the forest, listening for each other’s steps, all of us hunter and prey… In this forest, one better stay silent or prepare for conflict.”
On February 12, 2017, following Mark Fisher’s untimely death, at a memorial service at Goldsmiths University of London speakers paid tribute to Mark’s life, and confronted the loss of an irreplaceable, galvanizing cultural figure.
We have our own concept of Time and Motion comes from a growing network of artists who have formed around Auto Italia and its programme and, although a long time coming, is a logical conclusion of artists finding affinity with each others projects, ideas and aspirations. This publication (produced in two parts) outlines a live programme which will see Auto Italia become a base for the production of new work and ideas, pushing artists to the forefront of collaborations with other fields. Produced by Auto Italia in collaboration with Federico Campagna, Huw Lemmey, Michael Oswell and Charlie Woolley this project showcases ...
PublisherLaboria Cuboniks2016
Ours is a world in vertigo. It is a world that swarms with technological mediation, interlacing our daily lives with abstraction, virtuality, and complexity. XF constructs a feminism adapted to these realities: a feminism of unprecedented cunning, scale, and vision; a future in which the realization of gender justice and feminist emancipation contribute to a universalist politics assembled from the needs of every human, cutting across race, ability, economic standing, and geographical position. No more futureless repetition on the treadmill of capital, no more submission to the drudgery of labour, productive and reproductive alike, no more reification of the given ...

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