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Thrillochromes is the eight issue of a series of publications issued by Wilfried Lentz Rotterdam. Thrillochromes is published as an accompaniment to Michael Portnoy’s solo show THRILLOCHROMES taking place at the gallery from 2 Novemebr to 7 December 2013. This artist publication is signed and numbered by the artist in an edition of 250. Texts by Tirdad Zolghadr (Touchdowns, thoughts on hermetics vs. hermeneutics) and Diane Bent (Abstraction: You know it’s the smell). THRILLOCHROMES imagines a subterranean world where such overblown directives (Dismantle… ! Infiltrate… !) are the scores for a collection of trench-coated operatives in a series of abstract thriller films ...
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Publisheronestar press2005
Pierre Bismuth chose a selection of Pantone colors that are here reproduced in black and white.
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PublisherLink Editions2015
Everyday we stare at computer screens as we type out emails, write code, upload photos, watch videos, and push around pixels. Billions of pages of information splashed with text and images are accessed daily, composed of colored dots emanating from a screen connected to a computer connected to the Internet. Together, these clusters of colors visually display information that we consume and that we create, colors that make up the viewers’ virtual worlds. What Color Is My Internet? is a self-portrait of the artist as an internet surfer. The book tells, in visual form, the story of 90 days of Greg ...

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