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PublisherAna Maria Uribe1997
The component parts included here—four animated GIFs and an SWF—are not to be understood as independent works, but are to be combined in a browser to produce Ana Maria Uribe’s 1997 poem “Angeles en bandana (A Flock of Angels).” The poem arranges fifteen Garamond “T” characters in the form of an upside down triangle and animates them with out-of-sync bevels and inner glows. While this animation loops, so does a short piece of metallic-sounding audio titled “humhum.swf.” This and other Uribe anipoems are online thanks to Vispo. This title was included in Library Stack as part of the collection Open Font ...
If there is one thing that deserves to be called “genuine internet literature,” then it is user generated erotica. Besides fan fiction, no other textual genre has thrived on the absence of editorial and moral oversight as much as written porn. Produced by millions of mostly anonymous amateur writers for no pay whatsoever, and harking back to the earliest days of the usenet, there is little that represents the spirit of the web more truthfully. For Erotica, I used Kimono to scrape one of the largest repositories of amateur erotic writing,, in its entirety (10 million words, 52,000 lemmata). Removing all words that a Python script could identify ...
Based on the novel “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac and Google Maps Direction Service. The exact and approximate spots Kerouac traveled and described are taken from the book and parsed by Google Direction Service API. The result is a huge direction instruction of 55 pages. The chapters match those of the original book. All in all, as Google shows, the journey takes 272.26 hours (for 17,527 miles). This book is part of the exhibitions Poetry Will Be Made By All! (Zürich, January 30 – March 30, 2014) and Print Error at Jeu de Paume (online exhibition).
PublisherAsia Art Archive2017
Hong Kong-born British poet Sarah Howe gave a talk to present Six Windows, new poems based on her research of the Asia Art Archive collection and to share her experience and discoveries during the process.

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