Index of Titles Filed Under 'Constructed Identity'

PublisherLink Editions2013
“After Brad Troemel” (ABT) is an artist book conceived for the JstChillin exhibition “Read/Write” at 319 Scholes in Brooklyn in 2011. The book—originally published in a limited edition of 20—took as its conceptual core the characterization of artist Brad Troemel as a genius and a mastermind analyzed through the lens of conspiracy theory and amateur internet sleuthing. According to artist and writer Artie Vierkant, who wrote the introduction to this edition, ABT is not “about Brad Troemel, nor any of the myriad names or identities that are mentioned in its pages. ABT is about the construction of identity in a mediated ...
Publisheronestar press2004
What would it be like if one day everyone you encountered said that they were you. Would you let them assume your identification, knowing that ultimately they can only be themselves. These questions are what Carroll provokes us with in All the men that think they can be me.
PublisherKent Fine Art2014
FLEX was an exhibition organized in 2014 by Orlando Tirado that placed a new sculpture and performance of mine with contemporaries Math Bass, Dan Finsel, and Molly Lowe, alongside works by historical figures Richard Artschwager, James Lee Byars, Guy de Cointet, Marcel Duchamp, Robert Morris, and Myron Stout. This folio/catalog, released in conjunction with the exhibition and printed on folded newsprint, served as a checklist for the exhibition, provided historical context, and expanded on the exhibition’s aim to provide an “alternative to presupposed identity politics, one that re-defines the body against the grain of a representational impulse.” In an in-depth ...
PublisherLink Editions2011
Originally published in 2008, this book documents the life and work of Gazira Babeli, the avatar artist active in Second Life between 2006 and 2010. In about 4 years, Gazira Babeli has created a vast body of works which address the world she lives in, and which have lent her such a solid, recognizable image that she has become a household name in Second Life. She acts like a virus, unleashing earthquakes, tornados and storms of images, deforming the bodies of other residents and constructing metaphorical machines; a capricious deity, she herself is a work of art, a “constructed identity” ...
PublisherNew Models2018
Trump Lies, XXXTentacion dies, and truth seems always just out of reach. Lil Internet, Caroline Busta, and Daniel Keller on lying, trust, and tribalism today, from blockchain to grifting, rap fan outrage to art.
PublisherLink Editions2011
This book came unexpected. It appeared suddenly, just like necessities do. Like all unexpected things, it has an uneven form, and its contents are far from linear. More than a book, it’s a record, an historical document. It brings together a series of heterogeneous texts written during ten years of study, research and dissemination. Along the last ten years, Random Magazine established itself as the main editorial platform for net art and new media art in Italy. A small percentage of the material you can find on the website is represented in this book. But why put ink on paper all ...
PublisherThe Funambulist2014
This conversation with Nina Valerie Kolowratnik is divided into two parts. The first one consists in the description of her work to engage the dilemma that the Native American tribe of Jemez Pueblo faces in the lawsuit they filed against the United States to regain ownership over parts of their ancestral homeland in New Mexico. The dilemma for the tribe consists in either documenting and revealing their use of the land and the secret ritual practices linked to it, or not being able to produce any valid proof for the standards of a Western court. Her architectural expertise allows Nina ...
U+29DC aka Documento Continuo is an artist book and a research into that contemporary zeitgeist that has been labeled “post internet”. Originally conceived as a MA thesis, Documento Continuo is a textual and visual collage strongly relying on appropriation as the only possible way to draw your own path through the information overload. Written in Italian but mostly in “International Art English”, it focuses on issues like awareness, creolization, the crisis of the European Union, dematerialization and materiality, globalization, performance, identity, FOMO, and how to be an artist in the age of “always on”.

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