Index of Titles Filed Under 'Cyberfeminism'

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PublisherSocial Discipline2020
Arrancamos un nuevo año con 𝒪𝒩𝒯𝒪ℒ𝒪𝒢ℐ𝒜𝒮 𝒻ℰℳℐ𝒩ℐ𝒮𝒯𝒜𝒮, incendiario colectivo feminista que tanto ha ayudado a navegar las multiples dimensiones de un convulso 2020. Repasamos un poco sus actividades como Santuario Nocturno, Strolling you down, Feeling Raid etc… frenética actividad de relevancia capital para ser capaces de vivir el presente y poder conceptualizar y construir juntos un futuro. Discutimos la precariedad del medio cultural y paraacademico, traperos en la mediana edad y magia memética.
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Amateur Cities and the Institute of Network Cultures are proud to present a feminist finance zine titled ‘Radical Care: Embracing Feminist Finance’. It is a cooperative future-thinking effort from the MoneyLab network, a collective of artists, designers, researchers, geeks and activists dedicated to the task of experimenting with more equitable, diverse, and sustainable futures for finance and economy. The zine is a diverse collection of voices organized in three types of contributions: quickfire interviews (short reactions to big questions), double interviews (conversational long reads), and artworks (projects addressing discussed subjects visually). Today we live in a world that is dominated by an ...
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PublisherLeft Gallery2020
Synth is a reader for now. a staking out of possibilities for an expanded imaginary and practice drawing from revolutionary poets, feminists, anarchists, witches, theorists, and polemicists from the 70s to the present engaging political, anti-capitalist, and anti-racist action, cyberfeminism, technofeminism, xenofeminism, information wanting to be free, dreamz of a free web, the virtual, hyperstitions, and fiction as method.
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PublisherThe Avery Review2017
Shelby Doyle and Leslie Forehand argue for the “spinster” as a figure of feminist digital craft; Adam Longenbach surveys the “sixth façade” and the architecture of the aerial view; Shota Vashakmadze contemplates the sod house on the prairie; and Joseph M. Watson asks the question of who Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Usonia” was designed for.

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