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PublisherAsia Art Archive2015
Artist Marysia Lewandowska, 2014/15 AAA resident contributed Property, Protest, Commons, and the Alternative Economies of Art, a series of public workshops co-organized with curator Esther Lu, and co-presented with Taipei Contemporary Art Center (TCAC). Leading towards Made in Public, a collectively generated project and publication, participants interrogated the relationship between art, property, protest, and the commons in the context of recent cultural and political events in Asia. A third workshop took place at TCAC from 18–20 September 2015.
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In these interviews dating from 1998, Châtelet amplifies the major themes of To Live and Think Like Pigs, discusses his method of dramatisation and the crucial importance of style; and touches on subjects from dialectics to dope smoking, from Yoplait to slavery, along the way introducing some of the book’s key concepts: cybercattle, the average man, the tapeworm-citizen, and of course the pitiful couple Cyber-Gideon and Turbo-Bécassine.
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Following Trump’s victory, on the eve of the final vote in France, and with a snap election on the way for the UK, Badiou answers critics who have attacked his radical rejection of the democratic vote.
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What does it mean to personalize method? This essay by Endre Dányi is both a sociologist’s historical study of the Hungarian Parliament building in the context of European democracy in crisis, and a means of activating the author’s own subjectivity. By walking us to archives, through memories, and inside buildings, Dányi’s mobile narratives help us cast history anew.
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PublisherThe Funambulist2014
In this conversation, Mahmoud Keshavarz and I talk about our common interest for the way the designed environment (in particular objects) unfolds a violence to the bodies that it hosts, as well as the potential political actions that can be undertook through design. Mahmoud’s work being particularly focused on the facilitated or obstructed fluxes of migration, we discuss at length the politics of objects that regulate them, the passport in particular, but also the charter flight that implements the expulsion of a body from a given territory. We speak of the regime of invisibility of the violence in which the ...

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