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Screenings with researcher Bora Erden of SITU Research followed by a discussion focusing on liberatory applications of forensic spatial technology to counter the repression of public assembly. Drawing from three recent projects, the screenings include research on the death of a protestor (‘Euromaidan Event Reconstruction – I.F. Dmytriv case’, Ukraine 2014), dangers and police abuse of tear gas weapons (‘Choking Dissent’ commissioned by Amnesty International), and reconstruction of police violence against BLM protestors at Barclays Center in June. Bora Erden Bora Erden is a spatial researcher with a background in computer vision. At SITU Research, he applies architectural, geospatial and computational techniques to ...
The e-publication Decolonising Archives aims to show how archives bear testimony to what was, even more so than collections. Archives present documents that allow one to understand what happened and in which order. Today Internet technology, combined with rapid moves made on the geopolitical chessboard, make archives a contested site of affirmation, recognition and denial. As such, it is of great importance to be aware of processes of colonialisation and decolonisation taking place as new technology can both be used to affirm existing hegemonic colonial relationships or break them open.
PublisherThe Funambulist2017
This conversation with Eyal Weizman was recorded in February 2017 in order to be featured as a main component of the 12th issue of The Funambulist Magazine, entitled “Designed Destructions.” In it we address both descriptively and analytically the work of Forensic Architecture, a research agency at Goldsmiths, University of London, that he founded and directs, gathering architects, artists, filmmakers, and authors to investigate geopolitical crimes in which architecture or territorial components can be approached as witnesses and evidences. Although the agency’s investigations involves a variety of geographies (Guatemala, Syria, Serbia, Pakistan, etc.), this conversation mostly focuses on Palestine in general, and ...
“If you see something, film it.” Citizen-shot footage distributed through social media has galvanized social movements, in the demand for transparency and accountability. As a political tool, such videos have reverted surveillance against itself, proposing instead a record that comes from below; in other words, a type of vigilance led by citizens against power and abuse, in what has been called “sousveillance”. Yet, beyond our newsfeeds, how does citizen-shot video actually become evidence? How does it perform in the courtroom? Do most of these videos have legal value? Images that have truth-value in the court of public opinion may not in reality ...
PublishersP!WkshpsHome Cooking2020
Sixth and final episode of an experimental virtual lecture, talk show, and Sunday sermon, with a dose of group karaoke thrown in! Using Prem Krishnamurthy’s P!DF, v.6.0.0 as a score, this episode explores the sections called “My Favorite Things”. It features special guests and contributors American Artist, Ane Hjort Guttu with Daisuke Kosugi, Ayana Jamieson, Brian O’Doherty, Catherine Ince, Christopher Kulendran Thomas, Colleen Asper, 
Connie Samaras, Emily Smith, Harold Offeh, James Wines, Jeffrey Weiss, Karel Martens, Leslie Hewitt, Martin Beck, 
Paul O’Neill, Pierre Leguillon, Shelley Streeby, Wong Kit Yi, and others. ——
In this episode of Urbanomic’s Yarncast series, Urbanomic director Robin Mackay and artist Paul Chaney talk about the ideas behind the project and some of the background to their work. Recorded at Bergen Academy of Art and Design.
In this episode of Urbanomic’s Yarncast series, architect and theorist Eyal Weizman discusses his Forensic Architecture project (, and explains why the defence of victims of state violence demands a counterforensics that introduces new types of evidence, new modes of intervention, and operates outside the courtroom, generating new public forums.

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