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PublisherAsia Art Archive2017
Jaffna-based visual artist and art educator Thamotharampillai Shanaathanan responded to the AAA collection by drawing parallels between methods of archiving and art making, while delving into the idea of ‘home’ within the context of ethnic conflict.
PublisherLink Editions2011
The last decade has seen an incredible growth in the production and distribution of images and other cultural artefacts. The internet is the place where all these cultural products are stored, classified, voted, collected and trashed. What is the impact of this process on art making and on the artist? Which kind of dialogue is going on between amateur practices and codified languages? How does art respond to the society of information? This is a book about endless archives, image collections, bees plundering from flower to flower and hunters crawling through the online wilderness.
PublisherThe Funambulist2015
This conversation with Hana Sleiman begins a series of several around the Palestinian question(s). After evoking her archiving work of historical Arabic comic books and their construction of a political imaginary, Hana and I talk about this important construction of a Palestinian Oral History Archive at the American University of Beirut. This archive comprises about a thousand hours of interview with Palestinian having experienced the 1948 Nakba and its evictive violence. We particularly insist on the embraced subjectivities of such narratives, stressing that what is remembered and how it is remembered is more important than the illusory ambition of an ...
PublisherLink Editions2011
Peer Pressure is a collection of essays previously published online between 2010 and 2011. In the author’s words, “each essay is an impassioned description or prescription to understand the digital space we inhabit differently.” Most of these writings have been highly influential for the (relatively) small community the author addresses, eliciting many heated debates. The texts idealistically address creative platforms, image aggregators, relational practices, internet memes and much more.
PublisherLink Editions2016
Photodump is the 11th issue of the ongoing book series “In My Computer”. Designed by Kasper Hauser, the book features three distinct contribution, all based on image collection, and made by young Italian authors who work within a very specific field but like to cross borders. Suddenly in the Digital, by Davide Giorgetta and Valerio Nicoletti, is a systematic research on interface incidents and their ability to break the digital medium supposed transparency and immediacy, by bringing the medium itself to the fore. A Collection of Trophy Images, by Valeria Mancinelli, Chiara Nuzzi and Stefania Rispoli, is an a-systematic research into contemporary ...
Publisheronestar press2016
When I first saw ‘The Night Porter” I was fourteen and I used to masturbate thinking about Charlotte Rampling’s mouth. Flip books combine voyeurism and masturbation; they have the addictive nature of memory itself. This is my own version of the film, on book form. Over the years, I watched “The Night Porter” over and over and my admiration for the great Liliana Cavani only grew. If no poetry after the Holocaust, then prose is in order.
It’s tempting to call sorry to dump on you like a pornographic work, since an actual porn collection is embedded within it—the artist’s own archive of men accumulated in fifteen years of web browsing. But these JPGs serve only as a substrate: thin scaffolding for an epic textual work that hangs loosely from the files.
Wakeling calls Incantations for the Birth of a Network “a proto-script for a film,” a story that traces the invention of the computer and the atomic bomb as precursors to the internet. As of January 2018, this work has been taken offline.

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