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It’s settled: we’re going to lm Capital on Marx’s scenario – the only logical solution. – Sergei Eisenstein, Oct 12, 1927. Alexander Kluge’s Nachrichten aus der ideologischen Antike: Marx – Eisenstein – Das Kapital or News From Ideological Antiquity: Marx – Eisenstein – Capital, originally made for broadcast or DVD was nished in 2008 and ran 570 minutes long. This 84 minute cut prepared by Kluge for exhibition condenses this mammoth project into something like a digestible greatest hits or highlight reel. Alexander Kluge’sf film is a discursive essay about and around Eisenstein’s notes on a film of Marx’s Capital ...
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PublisherTriple Canopy2020
“Today, if you wanted to pioneer a New World, where would you go?” An artist and entrepreneur envisions a world after the pandemic in which citizenship is untethered from borders, and networks replace nations. A fairy tale and a series of video polemics.
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PublisherRabRab Press2015
The second issue of Rab-Rab is in two volumes, all together in 500 pages. The focus of the second issue is ‘noise against culture.’ The contributions deal with the formal theory of noise, politics of contradictions, the device of estrangement, materialist film, music and violence, Futurism, Russian avant-garde, improvisation, void, heterophonies, swearwords, communism, ideologies of marriage, class wars and electricity. Departing from our programme based on the understanding of art practice as a confrontation between formal and political inquiries, our aim in this issue is to use noise as the name for this difficult, disturbing, loud and coercive exploration. In many ...
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Shifter is a topical magazine that was founded in 2004 by Sreshta Premnath, who continues to edit the magazine in collaboration with guest editors. Originally concieved as an online magazine in order to create an inter-continential “commons,” Shifter introduced a print version with issue 10. This additional format allowed for an increased approachablity for longer articles as well as additional access to the content for an audience beyond those with high-speed internet. A portion of this issue of Shifter is also published in Rethinking Marxism (Volume 23 Issue 2).
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PublisherRabRab Press2014
Published in Tbilisi, in 2014, Sezgin Boynik’s Still Stealing Steel is historical-materialist study of avant-garde zaum language. The book actualises the most radical and subversive promises of Futurist zaum experiments made at the beginning of XX century in Russia and Georgia.
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Communism is not a set of measures to be put into practice after the seizure of power […]. All past movements were able to bring society to a standstill and waited for something to come out of this universal stoppage. Communisation, on the contrary, will circulate goods without money […] it will tend to break all separations. – Gilles Dauve and Francois Martin, The Eclipse and Re- Emergence of the Communist Movement. The example of the German, and above all, of the Russian revolutions, shows that the proletariat was fully capable of destroying a social order which presented an obstacle to ...
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Succinct, accessible, and authoritative, Thomas Piketty’s The Economics of Inequality is the ideal place to start for those who want to understand the fundamental issues at the heart of one the most pressing concerns in contemporary economics and politics. This work now appears in English for the first time.
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PublisherWealth of Negations2015
British Left lexicon of political keywords. The diminution of the capital stock of the society, or of the funds destined for the maintenance of industry, however, as it lowers the wages of labour, so it raises the profits of stock, and consequently the interest of money. By the wages of labour being lowered, the owners of what stock remains in society can bring their goods at less expense to market before, and less stock being employed in supplying the market than before, they can sell them dearer. Their goods cost them less, and they get more for them. Their profits, therefore, being augmented ...
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There is no way of telling what is going on here if you both fail to 
speak Japanese and query the authenticity of the subs, but it’s like 
Shonen Knife meets Can Dialectics Break Bricks with lobsters and a 
custom-made bra for shooting materialist lasers? Most people will 
recognize their first experience of reading Marx as being not dissimilar 
while not being similar to this.

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