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The symposium “Neurologics: Architecture Starting with the Brain” took place in the Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design at the University of Toronto on March 7–8, 2014. According to the brief, the event was organized to “consolidate the gains” of the “decade of the brain” and to raise the question, “what relevance do the discoveries of neuroscience have for architecture, a culture and discipline with its own matters of concern?” Many—although by no means all—papers presented at the conference were optimistic about the “gains” that such a neuroscientific perspective would provide. The text published here is a revised version ...
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The computer is already a hypnotic device. Staring at a fixed focal length, scrolling, and swiping all induce what hypnotherapist Daniel Ryan calls “subtle learning states.” And on the screen, what we repeatedly learn is a bent set of values including ravenous consumerism, preposterous ideas of hierarchy, race, gender, beauty, and spirituality. We consume these more deeply than we realize. Hypnotists have used pendulums, repeating sounds, vanishing points, particular vocal cadences, and a variety of other means to produce a state of consciousness and brain activity marked by calm focus and extra sensitivity to suggestion. These tools facilitate what’s called “induction.” Can ...
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Torque brings together a diverse collection of essays and artworks, many newly commissioned for the project, that reflect upon the plasticity of the brain, the adaptability of technology and the malleability of language, and their twisting together through past, present and future cultures. The contributors and their work each offer unique models of navigating this territory, making their own artefacts, writing their own scripts, forging critical space and examining the blind spots. Torque#1. Mind, Language and Technology is the result of a wide range of cross-disciplinary conversations, taking place across symposia, online forums, live events and workshops, produced by the book’s editors: ...

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