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PublisherFall Semester2016
“Magick is a culture.” So writes Alan Chapman in his Advanced Magick for Beginners. What follows is an effort to take such a claim seriously, and to imagine what the political affordances of magick might be, and what kinds of things those magicians already among us might be doing. The contemporary practice of magick (of the Western esoteric tradition) may be, we will argue, a creative technology of the self. It can work to counter the mandates of the reigning biopolitical regime, of capital’s investment in identity and identity politics, even as some of magick’s instantiations mirror certain instrumental tendencies of capital. ...
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PublisherAsia Art Archive2017
Wong Wai Yin, the Hong Kong-based artist and 2011 AAA resident, presented Talking Archive to uncover the ‘true opinions’ behind the material in AAA’s collection by inviting a psychic medium to speak to them. The Medium’s findings were shown in the form of a video and site-specific installation.
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As the CCRU’s tangled time tales emerge from obscurity, Amy Ireland digs deeper into the sorcerous cybernetics of the time spiral, acceleration, and nonhuman poetics.

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