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PublisherDia Art Foundation2016
Franz Erhard Walther should be far more widely known in the US than he is. Since the late 1950’s, he has developed a language around the activation of fabric-based sculptures, using them not in “performances” but in what he calls “demonstrations”. When being demonstrated, his objects are in their “handlungsform”, their active situation, and when functioning as static sculpture they are in their “lagerform”, their storage situation. Here, Walther demonstrates the “reading” of an edition of his Grosses Prozess-Buch (Large Process-Book), made in 1969 in conjunction with his First Work Set, a suite of fifty-eight usable sculptures made between 1963 ...
Part 1: Andrianna Campbell Part 2: Sara Magenheimer (with an introduction by Gordon Hall) Em Rooney with Mariana Valencia Part 4: Taraneh Fazeli Part 5: Sb Fuller
Revolutionaries are people who need to run around in circles. Revolution is a cycle of toppling and replacing, of killing God and building a Church, as Camus says. It is nothing if not intense. In “The Intense Life,” Tristan Garcia presents intensity as an ethical ideal peculiar to modernity. The pursuit of intensity moves through stages, from variation, to acceleration, to what Garcia calls “primaverism,” or the obsession with first experiences. In “Notes on Blacceleration,” Aria Dean locates an absence in the text of accelerationism: a decided failure to come to grips with the first experiences of accumulation, and in particular with ...
PublisherKent Fine Art2014
FLEX was an exhibition organized in 2014 by Orlando Tirado that placed a new sculpture and performance of mine with contemporaries Math Bass, Dan Finsel, and Molly Lowe, alongside works by historical figures Richard Artschwager, James Lee Byars, Guy de Cointet, Marcel Duchamp, Robert Morris, and Myron Stout. This folio/catalog, released in conjunction with the exhibition and printed on folded newsprint, served as a checklist for the exhibition, provided historical context, and expanded on the exhibition’s aim to provide an “alternative to presupposed identity politics, one that re-defines the body against the grain of a representational impulse.” In an in-depth ...
PublisherBerkeley Art Museum1980
A scan of the original type-written exhibition pamphlet accompanying Scott Burton’s 1980 performance at the University of California, Berkeley Art Museum of “Individual Behavior Tableaux” with an essay by the curator Michael Auping. Auping describes the performance, part of Burton’s “Behavior Tableaux” series, in which a single lanky naked male performer (Kent Hines) wears platform shoes and moves in slow motion with a chaise longue designed by Burton. The audience had to sit extremely close together 80 feet away from the the slow moving and silent performance, as Burton was as interested in what happened in the performance as he ...
PublisherUntitled Radio2015
This program originally aired on, Saturday, December 5, 2015 at 2:30pm EST, live from the Untitled art fair in Miami Beach. — Choreographers and artists Madeline Hollander (NYC) and Amanda Keeley (Miami) in conversation on Untitled, radio, about their performances at the 4th edition of Untitled, Miami Beach: “MILE” and “Dance Constructions”.
PublisherOpen File2012
Three discrete A5 publications were produced for our two events and screening programme at MK Gallery, Milton Keynes, which were collected together in a specially made outer-jacket.
PublisherOpen File2013
Hashfail is the first in the series of three nation-wide events by Open File investi- gating the distribution and production of art through the use of virtual and digital platforms via sound, performance and digital media. Hashfail coincides with (On) Accordance a project by or-bits. com and Grand Union. A Torrent file is a file distributed via the web through the rapid peer-to-peer ‘seeding’ of information. Becoming representative or pirate and copyright- infringing distribution it is also a mode of sharing that relies upon direct con- nection with other anonymous users of the internet. A Hashfail occurs when ‘seeded’ files have become ...
PublisherOpen File2014
Coinciding with A Rehearsal, OUTPOST Gallery, March 2014 the publication features contributions from Maia Conran, Daniel Kelly, Fay Nicolson, Patrick Staff and Cara Tolmie alongside a commissioned text by Jamie Sutcliffe.
PublisherInduction Burners2018
Induction Burners interview with Sahra Motalebi
In the second episode of my miniseries interviewing my professors and advisors from MICA, I talk to my writing professor, Abraham Burickson. In addition to teaching writing at MICA, Abe is also an architect, poet, and performance artist who runs Odyssey Works, a performance group that creates durational performances for audiences of one. In this conversation, Abe and I talk about his background the relationship between design, writing, and performance, design fictions, and creating experiences.
Emily and I discuss what makes a finished performance piece, what aspects of performance art can be problematic for a viewer, supporting yourself as an artist, and why she takes issue with the notion of absolute truth.
Janet speaks about the living archive of the Martha Graham Dance Company and its evolving legacy, keeping new classics relevant for a contemporary audience, and engaging a new generation in collaboration.
PublisherBadlands Unlimited2014
“Inquiry and seduction stroll hand in hand through these pages.  Insubordinate, sexy, ravenously curious.”  — Elizabeth Robinson, from the introduction “Claudia La Rocco’s impactful writing sketches its performing subjects in real time, depicting not only the character of work, but the conditions in which it collectively forms and exists. Here the spaces of New York performance and the spaces of critical writing reveal themselves anew. She conjures the voices we want and need: critical and committed, self-reflexive, and brazenly addressing the interior and exterior states that define live art experiences.” — Jay Sanders, curator of performing arts, Whitney Museum of American ...
PublisherLiverpool Biennial2016
The noisy buzz of the mains electricity power supply has been one of our urban environment’s most persistent background noises. One day in 1996 Dr Catalin Grigoras realised that the electricity wasn’t just making noise, but in fact singing… The UK national electrical grid delivers power across the country. This mains power supply makes a constant humming sound, yet there are tiny changes to the frequency of this sound every second. Most recordings made in the UK have a trace of mains hum on them and this can be forensically analysed to determine the time and date they were made, and ...
PublisherMonique Roelofs2018
Philosopher Monique Roelofs offers a digital object that is part open letter, part analysis of address, and part excerpt from her 2014 book The Cultural Promise of the Aesthetic, introducing us to her theory of aesthetic relationality. Created specifically for this Library Stack Collection, Roelofs’s morphing, experimental thing addresses the reader directly, encouraging us to “think for ourselves and take responsibility for gathering the tools we need in order to do that thinking.” In her metamorphosing gesture toward further streams of address, Roelofs brings together aesthetic experience with interpersonal modes of relation in an effort to speak to and in ...

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