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ARPA is an artefact reflecting on the progressive transformation of labour and the socio-economic consequences linked to the introduction of automation in production processes. Despite all reservations, automation might be considered to substantially contribute to the construction of a socio-economically sustainable paradise, freeing humanity from the fatigue of labour through an ecosystem of machines. ARPA is shaped as an instrument of propaganda, a device as part of a larger communication strategy staged in the city of Oslo, informing the public about a forthcoming technological revolution. The collision between the two media involved – still images and scrolling video-texts – unveils ...
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PublisherStrelka Press2013
These are serious times, or so our governments keep telling us. Strangling economies with their austerity policies, they assure us that they have no choice. In a world where “there is no alternative”, how do you dissent? Once upon a time, graphic designers would have made political posters and typeset manifestos. Today, protest has new strategies. Enter the internet meme. With its Darwinian survival skills and its viral potential, the meme is a way of scaling up protest. Hackers and activists have learned to unleash the destructive force of a Rick Astley video. They have let slip the Lolcats of ...
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Prologue When I first proposed curating this exhibition on the subject of paranoia, it was September 2016, a little over a month before the United States presidential election. Donald Trump couldn’t possibly win, and we were about to see the momentous election of our first woman President. I had long been interested in paranoia—as an affliction, a strategy, and an ontological system. I took it seriously, very seriously, but it also felt like something outside of me, a symptom of something kept at a distance. Both during the campaign and in its aftermath, things began to swing out of control. Incidents like ...
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PublisherNew Models2020
From the depths of the NEW MODELS DISCORD comes a new glossary for ASTROTURFING and related forms of soft-nonlinear warfare, collectively authored by members of an emergent group called Shifting Uncertain Situations (S.U.S.). For more context, NM hosts Carly, Daniel, and LIL INTERNET got on call with S.U.S. spokespeople Jak Ritger and Clack Auden to discuss these new terms of engagement.
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PublisherPaul Soulellis2018
This project — a broadcast, a book, and a download — restores access to 1,964 climate change-related URLs that were removed from on April 28, 2017. The URLs point to web pages, documents, presentations, publications, and other files that were purged by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under the direction of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and the Trump administration. Some of the assets had been accessible on the web since 1997. The April 28 purge redirected hundreds of climate change URLs to one of three new pages: “This page is being updated,” “Complying with President Trump’s Executive Order on Energy ...

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