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PublisherFree Agent Media2006
Code: Survey was developed for the Morphosis-designed Caltrans District VII Headquarters in downtown Los Angeles as an architectural and digital installation. Whereas the building houses a grid of 168 glass panels of images related to transportation, each panel engraved with an alphanumeric code, the website is its searchable counterpart of photographs, codes and an index of keywords. Images, texts, film footage and audio from interviews with Caltrans employees as well as native Californians intermingle in Green’s website as a dynamic archive that undermines and complicates our expectation of searching any form of place. Code: Survey exists as a process allowing temporary imaginary inhabitation ...
PublisherDroste Effect2017
This is the last chapter of a project that goes under the name of Practices as an Intersection in a Fragile Environment, an independent research investigating the relationship between Art and the Public Sphere in a state of cultural nomadism. The title São Paulo Out Of Reach originates from a 2012 exhibition by Brazilian artist Mauro Restiffe at Instituto Moureira Salles in Rio de Janeiro; a statement that points out very clearly the impossibility of reaching, defining and understanding the city in just one gaze. This chapter is dedicated to the city of São Paulo and mainly focuses on its Architecture and Urbanism ...
It’s been a rough news week. Between Thursday’s testimonies of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh before the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Kavanaugh’s near appointment to the Supreme Court Friday, many of us are exhausted. We would like a win for women. Sometimes the quickest way to achieve that is to do it yourself. As such, this episode of Explain Me celebrates women who have made waves in the world of art and activism, through a series of interviews with four major figures—Mia Pearlman (Make NY True Blue), Jenny Dubnau (ASAP), Nancy Kleaver (PARADE), and Mira Schor (Selected writing). In the first half of ...
In this episode of Explain Me William Powhida and Paddy Johnson discuss the horrific business practices of Peter Brant and Interview Magazine, a fundraising campaign at University of North Carolina so misguided that firing is in order, and the latest headscratching Creative Time project. To help us discuss all of this, and how the new tax code will affect artists accountant and painter Hannah Cole joins us.
The projects highlight the challenges of progressive ideas within society. A temporary installation welcomes the visitors at the entrance of the Sverre Fehn Pavillion and also invites the audience to visit a public art project at Tåsenløkka in Oslo. The two parts are linked conceptually as both circle around concepts like social conditioning, urban planning and architecture. The public project articulates the fence that separates a public park and a municipal kindergarten. It zigzags through manicured bushes and landscaping, inspiring the children to explore. The result is an equal trade of land, without changing the total size of each property.
Sarkis and “When Attitudes Become Form” is an oral history project by curator and art critic Nazlı Gürlek. It presents a compilation of three interviews conducted with Sarkis at his studio in Villejuif, Paris on three separate occasions in January 2011 and December 2012. The text is accompanied by photographs from the personal archive of the artist. Taking as its starting point the 1969 exhibition entitled When Attitudes Become Form, the publication creates a critically and intellectually fertile ground where Sarkis’ thought processes of the 1960s can be understood as part of the relationship between art and transformed production and exhibition ...

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