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PublisherThe Funambulist2014
Eve Bailey and I recorded this conversation in her studio in Crown Heights (Brooklyn) surrounded by her tools and artworks. We talk about her work that consistently engages the body to ‘conquer’ the sculptures she constructs with her own hands. We also discuss about how, despite the fact that her pieces are based on her own body, each body has a chance to appropriate them with no prejudice — their aesthetics allowing so — and eventually find a point of equilibrium, unique for each body. Toward the end of the podcast, she talks about her current research that explores association ...
PublisherRenaissance Society2015
The Renaissance Society presents a new, site-specific installation by Gabriel Sierra, the Bogotá-based artist’s first solo show in the United States. Sierra is intrigued by the language of man-made objects and the dimensions of the spaces in which we live, work, and think. His practice employs a variety of techniques – from sculpture and spatial interventions to performance and texts – to examine how the human body functions in relation to its environment. Originally trained in architecture and design, Sierra’s work draws on the history of Latin American Modernism. His project at the Renaissance Society consists of a group of constructions to ...
Publisheronestar press2003
When the parasite sets in, small white bubbles rise up. They are warm, transparent and may appear anywhere. Cases have been documented in Boston, Cambridge and New York and the number is increasing. The appearance is not on the skin but on the sidewalks. New York artist Michael Rakowitz is the engineer of paraSITE, a temporary living space for the homeless. We may see homeless citizens every day, but now we see them unexpectedly, living inside what looks like a space age tent. paraSITE uses the warm air that escapes buildings to inflate and to provide night-time shelter. The cities and ...
Publisheronestar press2009
Deal or No Deal is an exhibition sourcebook detailing a field of transactions and negotiations, employing elements of geometric formalism to delineate various positions of inclusion and exclusion, participation and observation, and the particular and universal. The circle, line, and square in its proliferation are brought into relation with the built environment. Intersecting circles, shaded areas, and parallel stripes form abstract Venn diagrams illustrating uncontainable combinations of relationships and differences (insiders and outsiders).
PublisherChristian de Vietri2013
Dear_Tony (2013) is an unauthorized, distributed retrospective of the public sculptures of Tony Smith by Christian de Vietri and A.E. Benenson. Addressed as much to the deceased sculptor and his practice as our contemporary audience, Dear_Tony rethinks the artist’s historic investigations into modular construction, phenomenology, and public space within the contexts of digital fabrication, interactivity, and networked communication. At the same time, Dear_Tony is a means to reflect on the form of the retrospective and how its requirements may be adapted to contemporary conditions of viewership. Dear_Tony consists of a digital sculpture by Christian de Vietri, which is composed of extractable models ...
PublisherDroste Effect2017
On Monday, November 16th 2015, I take the subway to Hoboken from the 14th street PATH station. There, I buy a copy of the New York Times and a ham sandwich with a bottle of water. I also carry with me a printed-out-from-the-internet copy of a text written by Robert Smithson in 1967. Next, I go to the automatic ticket machine and buy a one-way Bus 85 ticket to Passaic (including a change for Bus 190) and a one-way train ticket to come back. I am early, so I sit down and open the Times. After futilely trying to glance at the art ...
Publisheronestar press2016
These line drawings are preliminary plans for sculptures. The sculptures themselves are trilateral, perforated structures that don’t have a “correct” perspective and are intended to be both looked ‘at’ and ‘through’, like a screen. On the page, the same forms are applied as patterns, geometric abstractions, and parred-down faces and bodies.
In this episode Lucy Skaer discuss her solo exhibition Exit, Voice and Loyalty with Tramway curator Claire Jackson. For her most ambitious solo exhibition in the UK since the Turner prize in 2009, Lucy Skaer presents a new body of work spanning ceramics, film, litho and wood-cut prints and sculpture. Exit, Voice and Loyalty takes its title from economist Albert O. Hirschman’s essay on how change comes about through dissent. Although not directly linked to the book, Skaer is interested in how economics provides a shifting representation of the materials world, and how this idea can be related to sculpture. Using a ...
Glasgow based sculptor Nick Evans makes solid, organic and amorphous works that constantly question the relationship between form and meaning and, embody an awareness of the properties and purposes of the language of sculpture. Evans’ work alternates between the use of traditional and newer materials; such as plaster, bronze, wood, terracotta and ceramic as well as polyester resin, fibreglass and silicon rubber. Through evocations of cultural and geographical histories, Evans’ practice reveals philosophical, existential, art related maters/questions. Exploring relationships between forms and material, sculpture and plinth, mass and gravity, Evans indicates more contrasted ones such as between abstract and figurative, ...
This book was published on the occasion of THROUGH AND THROUGH AND THROUGH, an exhibition of new work by Gordon Hall, curated by Roya Amirsoleymani and Kristan Kennedy, commissioned and presented by the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art in Portland, Oregon from June 8–August 10, 2019.
Scolpire il Tempo is the fifth issue of a new series of publications issued by Wilfried Lentz Rotterdam. published as an accompaniment to the show ‘Scolpire il tempo’. From 30 october to 11 december 2010 at Wilfried Lentz Gallery.  
The Atlas of Sculptural Situations is a series of spontaneous publications that try to make a variety of public spaces aesthetically and politically tangible. The approach happens through drawings and photographs that document, describe, analyze, shape, move and evolve the space in question. This is about the search for the sculptural conditions of what reality provides and the historically invisible. About how we can react to urban space in a situational-spatial and performative-materialised way. What does it mean, artistically (but also for urban planning) to be active in public space, if you are interested in being socially effective? All these approaches, temporary ...
PublisherDarren Bader2015
The development of sculpture in outer space.
PublisherInduction Burners2017
Artist conversation with Anne Libby and Matthew Schrader, on sculpture and public space in 2017.

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