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PublisherPrinted Matter2008
Thesis: The field of sound is the site and the means of the Militant Sound Investigation. Regardless whether analogue or digital, the record gives object form to an undifferentiated field of sound. Through both magnetic particles and binary code, experience enters into the record and becomes available to be repeated and analyzed. What initially sounded like undifferentiated registers acquires through repetition and analysis a different texture of audibility. It is as if need, demand, desire have been rendered concrete. Militant Sound Investigation, simply put, derives from a practice of listening that intervenes upon the presumed fidelity of the audio recording. ...
How to approach the accessibility of new music to new audiences? How to entice people to get closer and discover without preconceptions or reluctance—but rather as a new form of participation and natural listening experience, what is often perceived as difficult music? What is the relationship of this music, if any, with contemporary arts in a way that it may grasp the attention and active involvement of the spectator and/or listener? Sound and music seem to have been underwhelmingly part of contemporary museums. However, they are shyly making their way in the area of contemporary art, often via visual artists keen ...
After a historical recognition of electronic music and sound’s exploration performed in art galleries – i.e. not in the spaces traditionally dedicated to music – the architect and art curator Jurij Krpan describes Batista’s projects collected in the exhibition Temporary Objects and Hybrid Ambients 2008–2010. Batista – who is a tech-mixed-media artist, sound researcher, video experimentalist and AV performer – creates hardware environments that establish connections between digital and analogic, electronic and mechanic, visual and sound, audience and machines. He manages to change the perception of electronic as the realm of precision and perfection, showing its characteristics of unintelligibility and imprecision. Through ...
PublisherRabRab Press2015
The second issue of Rab-Rab is in two volumes, all together in 500 pages. The focus of the second issue is ‘noise against culture.’ The contributions deal with the formal theory of noise, politics of contradictions, the device of estrangement, materialist film, music and violence, Futurism, Russian avant-garde, improvisation, void, heterophonies, swearwords, communism, ideologies of marriage, class wars and electricity. Departing from our programme based on the understanding of art practice as a confrontation between formal and political inquiries, our aim in this issue is to use noise as the name for this difficult, disturbing, loud and coercive exploration. In many ...
PublisherRabRab Press2014
Published in Tbilisi, in 2014, Sezgin Boynik’s Still Stealing Steel is historical-materialist study of avant-garde zaum language. The book actualises the most radical and subversive promises of Futurist zaum experiments made at the beginning of XX century in Russia and Georgia.
Twice a year since 2011, The Serving Library has assembled a set of individual ”bulletins” on a common theme, made PDFs available to download for free at, and simultaneously published them in print as Bulletins of The Serving Library. Last fall we started to turn on a yearly cycle instead, uploading the new batch of files throughout September, and releasing a half-as-frequent-and-twice-as-big print edition in collaboration with Amsterdam-based Roma Publications. This year’s Annual is guest-edited by Italian novelist and translator Vincenzo Latronico and explores how *translation* is fast becoming a significant site for the negotiation of identities and power dynamics ...
This conversation took place during the development of Florian Hecker’s piece Speculative Solution, an Urbanomic commission that explored Quentin Meillassoux’s concept of ‘Hyperchaos.’
In this discussion from the 2009 Urbanomic event Sound Out of Line, Florian Hecker discusses the evolution of his work, sound synthesis, and the nature of collaboration
In an extended mix of their conversation with Electronic Beats magazine, electronic music producer and DJ Lee Gamble talks sound, thought, abstraction, and jungle with Urbanomic director Robin Mackay
François J. Bonnet talks about The Order of Sounds: A Sonorous Archipelago, his book on the philosophy of sound and listening, explaining the motivation behind its examination of modes of listening and its mapping of plural sonic ontologies, and expanding on some of the concepts he introduces in order to take account of the ‘schizological’ nature of sound. The podcast concludes with an exclusive track by Bonnet’s alter-ego Kassel Jaeger. Music used in this podcast: Kassel Jaeger, ‘Campo Del Cielo’, from Deltas (Editions Mego). Bernard Parmegiani, ‘Des mots et des sons’, from L’Oeuvre Musicale (INA-GRM). Robin Mackay, Field Recording from St Agnes beach, 12 May 2016 0930. TLAOTLON, ‘The Co-Domain’, from Natural ...

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