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In 2003, Slavoj Žižek made a very prescient observation to explain how the US under George Bush used a plot twist borrowed from Alfred Hitchcock to justify the invasion of Iraq. He called it the “Iraqi MacGuffin.” Now, what is a MacGuffin? Exactly. The example Žižek gives: Two men run into each other on a train. One carries a suitcase. When asked what the suitcase contains, the carrier replies, “It is a MacGuffin.” But what is a MacGuffin? “It is a device used for killing leopards in the Scottish Highlands.” But there are no leopards in the Scottish Highlands. “Well, then ...
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PublisherPrinted Matter2010
We contradiction culturists and garbologists. We create our own notes from the toss-out’s of the economy’s music. We strip the music of its purposes and sing the deedles beyond the reach of the purposemakers…
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PublisherFall Semester2014
Consider a shifted focus from architectural objects and silhouettes to the matrix in which these objects are suspended. Look at the places where we live: the parking places, skyscrapers, turning radii, garages, street lights, driveways, airport lounges, highway exits, big boxes, strip malls, shopping malls, small boxes, free zones, casinos, retail, fast food restaurants, hotels, cash machines, tract housing, container ports, industrial parks, call centers, golf courses, suburbs, of ce buildings, business parks, resorts. The retinal afterglow is of a soupy matrix of details and repeatable formulas that make most of the space in the world whether—what we might call matrix ...
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PublisherAsia Art Archive2015
Artist Marysia Lewandowska, 2014/15 AAA resident contributed Property, Protest, Commons, and the Alternative Economies of Art, a series of public workshops co-organized with curator Esther Lu, and co-presented with Taipei Contemporary Art Center (TCAC). Leading towards Made in Public, a collectively generated project and publication, participants interrogated the relationship between art, property, protest, and the commons in the context of recent cultural and political events in Asia. A third workshop took place at TCAC from 18–20 September 2015.

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