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PublisherHaskins Laboratories1970s–2008
The picture above is a display of the parameters used by the Haskins SineWave Synthesizer (SWS) in experiments that study the temporal aspects of speech. The horizontal axis shows time in milliseconds; the vertical axis shows frequency in Hz. The pattern is a graph of frequency and amplitude variations of three sinusoids. Height in the plane indicates frequency; the thickness of each tracing indicates amplitude. The properties of tonal analogs of speech vary over time. Accordingly, the tones rise and fall in frequency and amplitude in imitation of the frequency and amplitude variations of vocal resonances over the course of an utterance. Note ...

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Twice a year since 2011, The Serving Library has assembled a set of individual ”bulletins” on a common theme, made PDFs available to download for free at www.servinglibrary.org, and simultaneously published them in print as Bulletins of The Serving Library. Last fall we started to turn on a yearly cycle instead, uploading the new batch of files throughout September, and releasing a half-as-frequent-and-twice-as-big print edition in collaboration with Amsterdam-based Roma Publications. This year’s Annual is guest-edited by Italian novelist and translator Vincenzo Latronico and explores how *translation* is fast becoming a significant site for the negotiation of identities and power dynamics ...

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