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PublisherThe Funambulist2014
This conversation is an introduction to the research conducted by Greg Barton for his thesis at CCCP (Critical, Curatorial & Conceptual Practices) at Columbia University. This research is essentially focused on Diego Garcia island situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean, a territory that was never decolonized and remains under British sovereignty. The island hosts a US military basis that was used for its geographic location during the cold war, the first Gulf War, and now the so-called “war on terror.” Similarly to Guantanamo’s Camp Delta, a legal narrative had to be produced in order for the basis to operate ...
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PublisherThe Funambulist2015
This conversation with Dror Etkes addresses his work with organizations monitoring the Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories, in particular through the NGO he created in 2012, Kerem Navot. We begin by conversing about the very name of this organization, telling the story of the biblical character, Navot, against whom King Ach’av plots to steal his land. We then examines both official and non-official Palestinian land seizing by the Israeli army and settlers. These takes over are always characterized by their justification by a legal narrative claiming their legitimacy. We particularly insist on the agricultural function of most land expropriated ...
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PROVISIONAL READYMADES From an Area of the Republic of Cyprus in which the Republic of Cyprus Does Not Exercise Effective Control The succinct collection of objects gathered here share an important provenance, hailing from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, an area of the Republic of Cyprus in which the Republic of Cyprus does not exercise effective control. Associated primarily through this common point of origin, they are also remarkable in their presumed anonymity: each was manufactured on an assembly line through a combination of untraceable labor and a myriad collection of unidentifiable tools. Although generic in appearance, a closer look reveals ...
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François J. Bonnet talks about The Order of Sounds: A Sonorous Archipelago, his book on the philosophy of sound and listening, explaining the motivation behind its examination of modes of listening and its mapping of plural sonic ontologies, and expanding on some of the concepts he introduces in order to take account of the ‘schizological’ nature of sound. The podcast concludes with an exclusive track by Bonnet’s alter-ego Kassel Jaeger. Music used in this podcast: Kassel Jaeger, ‘Campo Del Cielo’, from Deltas (Editions Mego). Bernard Parmegiani, ‘Des mots et des sons’, from L’Oeuvre Musicale (INA-GRM). Robin Mackay, Field Recording from St Agnes beach, 12 May 2016 0930. TLAOTLON, ‘The Co-Domain’, from Natural ...

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