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PublisherNew Models2020
Astroturfs of Offense is a diagram and glossary of terms related to the topic of astroturfing. The project is a collaboration between the New Models community and Shifting Uncertain Situations (S.U.S.). S.U.S. is an agency that seeks out public discussions and intervenes to produce documents that sow productive suspicion and ambiguity into wider conversations and unsettle ingrained patterns of thought. The agency encourages protesters to download and distribute their flyer at grassroots and astroturfed events.
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METAHAVEN’S VAST BODY OF WORK ACROSS ART, DESIGN AND FILM speculates on what the shifting status of truth might mean emotionally, technologically and geo-politically, and asks who and what enables this condition. Since 2007, the Amsterdam-based collective has unbraided, examined, and worked on the borders between information, fantasy, fiction, and noise. Design Hub Gallery presents their exhibition Field Report at a time of unprecedented public concern about the construction of truth in politics and the media.
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PublisherTriple Canopy2020
“When all the talk is of who is a real American, it takes courage to ask: who is unreal?” A novelist details how to write the truth under fascism or in so-called democracies—and how to identify those who crave “the status of being a truth teller,” those who decry barbarism and risk nothing. A doctored video and an essay.
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PublisherFall Semester2019
Fall Semester presents WINTER BREAK, its third iteration of online publications and visual contributions. WINTER BREAK talks about the broken nation using Venezuela as example, the territory, the idea, and what seems to come with it. What is Venezuela today apart from a contradiction between its gross political reality and an enlarged fictitious self-image? Within this contradiction, WINTER BREAK imagines ways of relating to the current socio-political machinery without just opting for the one-dimensional immersion in the politics that has plagued its recent times. The regime in power has introduced a new form whose tactics are close to artistic practice, ...

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