Index of Titles Filed Under 'Vernacular Architecture'

PublisherLateral Office2019
An atlas of Canadian Ruralism including land use, infrastructure, community, structures, architecture, and important radical rural visions. Produced as part of the the studio “The New Ruralism” at University of Toronto Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design, by Prof Mason White.
PublisherStrelka Press2012
This is the account of a 14-hour drive around the perimeter of the largest city in South America. Exploring the edge condition of São Paulo, Justin McGuirk investigates the different forms of dwelling available to its would-be citizens, and meets some of the people carving a life for themselves on the verge of this unforgiving metropolis. Driving anti-clockwise, we take a journey backwards in time, moving from cardboard favelas and hastily built tower blocks, back to modernist social housing and the factory towns built early in the last century. Is this a tale, as the Brazilian flag attests, of “Order and ...
Lina Bo Bardi pursued formal ideas, and she drew looking for them. But that’s not where architecture stopped for her. Zeuler Lima walks us through her work on paper.
Novelist and critic Jess Row traces, through postwar American fiction, the movement of the white imagination away from urban spaces and into empty, isolated landscapes.
Moving houses looks into an old democratic tradition; to detach a house from its foundation and move it to another location. This process was relatively common throughout the first half of the 20th century. In the 1950s, people on the most remote islands in Nordland received disbursements from the state to float their houses to central islands with better infrastructure, and many of the houses in Vålerenga in Oslo and the wooden town in Stavanger were originally located on the countryside. Timber frame houses were moved as a whole or in larger parts, while notched houses were completely taken apart. As ...
PublisherSite Visit2019
Raymund Ryan is the curator of architecture at the Carnegie Museum of Art’s Heinz Architectural Center in Pittsburgh. An architect, critic and curator, Ray’s work focuses on the architecture and unique urban characteristics of Pittsburgh, and produces exhibitions that attempt to move the often forgotten cities beyond the coasts, like Pittsburgh, to the forefront of architectural discourse. On today’s episode, we discuss our visit to the Alcoa Building in downtown Pittsburgh. Designed by Harrison and Abramovitz, the Alcoa Building is one of Pittsburgh’s most notable skyscrapers, celebrated for its structural and material ingenuity, and representative of the city’s storied history as ...
PublisherSite Visit2019
Ashley and Erik visit the McMurty Building with Sunil Bald, Associate Dean and Adjunct Professor at the Yale School of Architecture, and partner in the New York-based Studio SUMO.
From the first fieldtrips for the design of a library in Burundi to involving over 150 workshop participants in the construction of a public building in Belgium, the stories compiled in this book tell how BC architects & studies engage in acts of building. BC believes that, in order to have a positive impact on our society, architects need to intervene beyond the narrow denition of the professional who designs and controls the execution of buildings. Hence, BC ventures into material production, contracting, knowledge transfer and community organization, which all inuence their design approach. The book is structured around a collection ...
PublisherLateral Office2015
A research study of vernacular architecture and settlement form in Newfoundland, Canada. Produced as part of the studio “Between Land and Water” at University of Waterloo School of Architecture, by Prof Lola Sheppard.

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