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PublisherSculpture Center2015
Descartes famously believed that animals were living machines; he was said to beat, torture, and vivisect dogs simply to demonstrate that they had no feelings. He interpreted the sounds emerging from the dog’s mouth as mere physical reactions, just the mechanical result of air passing through a windpipe, not indicative of emotional self-expression. According to Descartes and many of his followers, animals were inferior to humans because they lacked the capacity for language. While scientific evidence as well as popular opinion about the emotive actuality and potential of animals has proven that they have inner lives, most do not speak ...
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PublisherArcangel Surfware2018
Cory Arcangel, 2009 An OSX app which plays a quicktime movie one horizontal line of download at colors−personal− “When you’re too relaxed it’s not good to create” − David Guetta
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PublisherMeson Press2020
From TIFF files to TED talks, from book sizes to blues stations—the term “format” circulates in a staggering array of contexts and applies to entirely dissimilar objects and practices. How can such a pliable notion meaningfully function as an instrument of classification in so many industries and scientific communities? Comprising a wide range of case studies on the standards, practices, and politics of formats from scholars of photography, film, radio, television, and the Internet, Format Matters charts the many ways in which formats shape and are shaped by past and present media cultures. This volume represents the first sustained collaborative effort ...
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PublisherFundación Cisneros2017
Jaime Davidovich (1936–2016) was an Argentine-American video/television-art pioneer and conceptual artist who was at the very forefront of many innovations that we now, through the lens of history, recognize as well-established forms in art and mass media. As a fixture of the SoHo-based experimental art scene of the 1970s and 1980s, Davidovich worked in a broad variety of media throughout his long career, including video, painting, and installation, while also establishing himself as an activist and public-access television producer. His weekly variety program, The Live! Show (1979–1984) featured performances, appearances, and interviews with artists such as Laurie Anderson, Eric Bogosian, ...
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PublisherFundación Cisneros2013
Liliana Porter in conversation with/en conversación con Inés Katzenstein, the seventh book in the Conversaciones/Conversations series, presents an engaging dialogue between Liliana Porter and Inés Katzenstein with an introductory essay by Gregory Volk. Porter describes with clarity and humor the ways in which her work blends the real with the representational, often in hypothetical yet convincing mini-dramas using mass-produced, kitsch objects that elicit both our compassion and our laughter. Liliana Porter, born in Buenos Aires in 1941, has been exhibited internationally and is represented in many public and private collections. Using a wide range of media—including sculpture, printmaking, works on canvas, ...
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PublisherMeson Press2019
In contrast with media constructed as vast, ontologically homogeneous, non-localized systems, formats show material networks of interoperability and exclusions, inscribed in local specificities, and involving precise conditions for the circulation of images and sounds. Formats, institutionalized as standards, frame the “technical networks” defined by Gilbert Simondon, that unfold technical objects into economically and politically structured webs that cover the world. Media are always formatted and, as such, do not flow: they are displaced.

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