The utility room is a functional space, designed to hide away everyday utilitarian services and appliances. Today, the ‘utility room’ is a luxury.

As city living becomes ever more cramped, ever more expensive, the worry of ‘where will the washing machine go’ is perhaps the last one on your mind – if it is even on your mind. Ask yourself though, where will it go? The kitchen? The cupboard? The corridor? The bedroom? The living room? I bet you can’t wait for your clothes to smell of that delicious casserole you made on Monday night after having nowhere to hang them but in your kitchen. In response to this, the Civic Laundrette proposes the ‘utility room’ as a civic space – a shared luxury, accessible to all. Whether you do laundry alone or collectively, it could be a space for the individual as much as a space for social interaction.

So, what if you got rid of your washing machine, and so did your neighbour, and so did your neighbours’ neighbour? What if we began to re-think the spaces of the home and their relation to the city?

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