The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge

The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge is a serial broadsheet publication produced by the Blackwood, University of Toronto Mississauga. Initiated in conjunction with The Work of Wind: Air, Land, Sea in 2018–19 to expand perspectives on environmental violence through artistic practices, cultural inquiry, and political mobilization, the SDUK continues as a signature triannual Blackwood publishing initiative in 2022.

Reflecting the Blackwood’s ongoing commitment to activating open-ended conversations with diverse publics beyond the gallery space, the SDUK serves as a platform for varied forms of circulation, dispersal, and diffusion. The series shares interdisciplinary knowledges; terminologies; modes of visual, cultural, and scientific literacy; strategies for thought and action; resources; and points of connection between local and international practices—artistic, activist, scholarly, and otherwise—during a time increasingly marked by alienation and isolation. Distributed freely as a print publication, and available through a dedicated reading platform on the Blackwood website and as a downloadable PDF, the SDUK engages a diffuse network of readers and contributors.

Series Titles

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