A Library Where the Books Have Melted Into One Another and the Titles Have Faded Away

Sara Giannini

In music, counterpoint is the relationship between two or more voices that are independent in contour and rhythm, and interdependent in harmony.

The first installment of Unfold proposes a contrapuntist arrangement for coded texts, found images, field recordings, photocopies, notes and videos extracted from different times and places.

Let’s play!

Open the folder named “A Library Where the Books Have Melted Into One Another and the Titles Have Faded Away” and you will be led to two series of alphabetically ordered folders. Some of them bear additional names, some of them don’t.

Now, pick up a folder. If you want guidance consult the overview otherwise ponder what is before your eyes and just follow your instinct.

Now, open your selected folder. Inside you will find a series of coded images. If you randomly enlarge one of them you will soon discover that these images are actually texts, scanned texts, scanned and cropped textual fragments. One of them reads:

History breaks down in images not into stories.

N.B. Some folders contain other folders. This is when the counterpoint starts. Let these folders speak and sing. Let them emerge. Let them assume an independent rhythm and contour but don’t forget the harmonic structure. Look at the intonation of their surrounding. And let them flow.

Stop reading this text here and come back in a while or never.


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