Fall Semester presents WINTER BREAK, its third iteration of online publications and visual contributions. WINTER BREAK talks about the broken nation using Venezuela as example, the territory, the idea, and what seems to come with it. What is Venezuela today apart from a contradiction between its gross political reality and an enlarged fictitious self-image? Within this contradiction, WINTER BREAK imagines ways of relating to the current socio-political machinery without just opting for the one-dimensional immersion in the politics that has plagued its recent times. The regime in power has introduced a new form whose tactics are close to artistic practice, inventing parallel truths, and questioning facts, which differs but does not exclude previous governments. Hence, those familiar to art and culture are in a unique position to offer an analysis of the specific forms that define the contemporary psycho-socio-political terrain in Venezuela. The composition of the veil of reality and fiction seems to have change over time. How is this veil folded and woven? What is its texture? How is it felt nowadays? And how does it affect the aesthetics of the image?


WINTER BREAK has structured this edition within four thematic axes:

The power of the false: The virtual/real image as a model of either invisibility or overexposure of the national identity. The visual spectacle and what the images circulating the physical and the virtual tell us about facts.

The rise of the abstract over the concrete: The modernist ideal and the neglected country. Infrastructure of the post-revolutionary Venezuela. The left as a model of destruction.

The immaterial and the corporeal: The bodily link with others as the fundamental dimension that sustains the production of the world. Immaterial relations and desensitization that separates minds from bodies. Inmaterial disseminators of violent bodies. Massive exodus to new lands.

Futurology as an exercise of image visualization: Testing grounds for possible exits. Aesthetics of the potential, the corporeal, and the rhizome. The future of Venezuelan civil society, systemic activism, scenarios for unification, and tentative changes of power.

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