It was the year 1954 when the “Department of Tropical Architecture“ was founded at the Architectural Association (AA) London, by Maxwell Fry, Jane Drew and their colleague James Cubbitt. Tropical architecture had been a topic before the study programs foundation, large conferences like the “Conference on tropical architecture” March 1953 at University College, London or two years before in Venezuela had established the issue internationally. The AA Tropical Architecture study program ran till 1971 and was afterwards transferred to the University of London and proceeded there as the “Development Planning Unit” that is active till today. The AA program included lectures and re ections on Colonial Planning and Housing, studies on the architecture of North-Africa, models of low-cost housing, re ections on British Architects that had build in the Tropics, so called African Studies, as well as regional studies conducted by British scholars in the West-Indies, India and West-Africa…

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