Rosalyn Deutsche is a professor of Modern and Contemporary Art, Feminist Theory, and Urban Theory at Barnard College (New York). Her analytical materia prima are the concept of the public sphere, discrepancies in development, and models of public art (public art criticism), such as that done by Krzysztof Wodiczko. One of her most important works is Evictions: Art and Spatial Politics (The MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusets, 1996). This volume includes the essay Agoraphoobia, which we publish here in a new, revised version of the Spanish translation done by in a new, revised version of the Spanish translation by Jesús Carillo and Marcelo Expósito. It was formerly published by Paloma Blanco, Jesús Carrillo, Jordi Claramonte and Marcelo Expósito (eds.), Modos de hacer. Arte crítico, esfera pública y acción directa, (Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca, 2001).

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