Miguel Abreu

Cover art
PublisherThe Serving Library2015
Issue #9 tackles all manner of SPORTS. It kicks off with a commentary on New England Patriots controversial Quarterback Tom Brady in view of Ancient Greek ideas of heroism, and ends with seminal Liverpool FC manager Bill Shankly’s 1975 interview with Prime Minister Harold Wilson on the radio. In between, the issue slaloms around bodybuilding, bridge, ice hockey, tennis, darts, golf, reporting, running, drugs, rock climbing, basketball, and Pong.   THE SPORTING LIFE Junior Aspirin Records FAIR PLAY Rob Giampietro ENDLESS COMBINATIONS Linus Elmes QUIET EYES, MAGIC GUTS Leila Peacock ERRORS HIT ORIENT Chris Evans ROCK, PAPER, CHISEL James Langdon SERVE AND VOLLEY Justin Warsh and Miguel Abreu ...

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