Kemi Adeyemi

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Accessibility in the Arts: A Promise and a Practice is an accessibility guide geared toward small-scale arts nonprofits and the potentially expansive publics these organizations serve. It details specific ways in which disabled people are excluded from cultural spaces and offers possible solutions to those barriers. Moving away from historical and juridical definitions of accessibility, this guide considers the unique capacity of small scale arts organizations to meet the needs of disabled communities. It engages principles of disability justice to think through what can urgently be done to create more equitable and accessible arts spaces…
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The finale of Season 5 features a conversation between writer, art critic, and co-founder of ARTS.BLACK, Jessica Lynne, and Dr. Kemi Adeyemi about her new book Feels Right: Black Queer Women and the Politics of Partying in Chicago (Duke UP, 2022). An “art-adjacent academic,” Adeyemi is Associate Professor of Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies, and Director of The Black Embodiment Studio at the University of Washington. Lynne speaks to Adeyemi about writing an ethnography of how Black queer women in Chicago use dance to assert their physical and affective rights to the city. Their conversation looks at the pleasures (and ...

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