Juan Albarrán

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PublisherVan Abbemuseum2019
This e-book offers the findings of the conference ‘Conceptualism – Intersectional Readings, International Framings: Situating “Black Artists & Modernism” in Europe After 1968’ at the Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven, 7–9 December 2017, presented by Black Artists & Modernism in collaboration with the Van Abbemuseum. The conference and the accompanying e-publication gathered artists, curators and academics to consider two broad, overarching questions: Firstly, how to rethink conceptualism intersectionally and internationally as a strategy rather than as a movement; and secondly how to situate ‘black artists’ and ‘modernism’ within Europe? The conference and corresponding publication includes key note lectures by Iris Dressler and ...
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1. What does the Foreign Language Index (FLI) index? In order to address this question, I crib a 14-part structure and title that will be familiar to many readers: Rosalind Krauss’s “Notes on the Index” (1977), a “classic” English language text I have found myself engaging with in recent years. This is the second issue of the FLI produced by the Society of Contemporary Art Historians (SCAH). The selected scholarship signals a range of shifts (and some continuities) within the paradigm of global contemporary art as it has been understood for the past decade or so…

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