Elie Ayache

Talk and book launch event of ‘The Medium of Contingency’ at the Sursock Museum in Beirut. The author, Elie Ayache, in conversation with Philippe Henrotte and Gerald Nestler. Where contingent books, necessary books and impossible books are discussed, as well as their relation to the market of contingent claims. Published on March 25, 2016. This entry was included in Library Stack as part of a collection by Howie Chen.
Elie Ayache’s response to artist RH Quaytman’s 2012 show Point de Gaze, Chapter 23 reflects on line, perspective, and the limits of the gallery space.
Kolmogorov’s axioms present an abstract conceptual formalisation of probability that runs counter to our intuitive image of randomness and its concrete instances. But are the relations between concept and intuition, concrete and abstract, so straightforward? And does the revolutionary historical sequence leading from set theory and measure theory to abstract probability occlude a deeper, conceptual order of priority? Elie Ayache takes the true measure of this revolution in our understanding of randomness and probability, and its as yet unthought ramifications.

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