Ivana Bago

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The Covid-19 pandemic has attacked not only our individual bodies, but our collective body as well. Through thirteen contributions by writers who are mostly from former socialist countries where the space of freedom is contracting once again, this special issue of e-flux journal asks what this collective body actually means, and what it has become. These changes are not only happening in Europe’s former socialist countries. Something similar is also occurring in Greece and Turkey, where two essays in the issue originate. This is not to say that all is well elsewhere, that democracy is thriving in Western Europe and North ...
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In the process of conceiving the current issue of On Curating, the debate between Claire Bishop and Grant Kester, which in 2006 occupied the pages of Artforum with a vehement discussion about the impact and merit of relational art, or what is most commonly referred to as socially engaged art, re-emerged as an unfinished discussion, especially in the context of the publication of each of their books in 2011 further developing their positions. Therefore, Cătălin Gheorghe and myself, decided to revisit the topic and in this issue of On Curating, Social Curating and Its Public: Curators from Eastern Europe Report ...

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