Robert Barry

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PublisherRepeater Books2017
The Music of the Future is not a book of predictions or speculations about how to save the music business or the bleeding edge of technologies. Rather, it’s a history of failures, mapping 200 years of attempts by composers, performers and critics to imagine a future for music. Encompassing utopian dream cities, temporal dislocations and projects for the emancipation of all sounds, The Music of the Future is in the end a call to arms for everyone engaged in music: “to fail again, fail better.”
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PublisherRepeater Books2020
In the early seventeenth century, at the very end of his life, the English statesman and philosopher Francis Bacon wrote a utopian fable called New Atlantis, containing an uncanny presentiment of twentieth-century electronic music. Now, four hundred years ago, music writer Robert Barry digs into the significance of that tale for the history of music, media, science and the senses. New Atlantis marked a significant turning point in the history of utopian literature — not to mention the pre-history of science fiction, and even modern science itself. At the heart of the island paradise stumbled upon by Bacon’s stranded sailors is ...
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PublisherPrimary Information1968
Also known as the “Xerox Book” A book exhibition in which each of the 7 artists were asked to make a 25-page work on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper, which was then photocopied and printed.

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