Simone Bertuzzi

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We unexpectedly came across a map of pre-sand Egypt, a pre-historic time when Egypt was green. This had to be about 7,500 B.C. or earlier. Where the desert meets the sea, the sea loses some of its distinctiveness: a beautiful green lake, a sky blue [bleu célèste]. We enter into it all together, together for the first time in the history of humanity. After the storm is over we will tell you the whole story. What we can tell you is that in _____ there’s a dimensional jump hole. Ever noticed the green parakeets flying around Rome?
Cover art
A TECHNO Conversation with Invernomuto Invernomuto is an artistic duo created in 2003 by Simone Bertuzzi and Simone Trabucchi who have been operating as artists, producers, organizers. They open up about Black Med, one of their ongoing research launched as a website at the end of October 2021. Black Med is a theoretical reflection inspired by post-colonial, migratory, transnational, and diaspora studies via the sound trajectories that crossed and cross the Mediterranean. The project, in its online form, is an endless stream of an archive that contains music, sounds, and media of various kinds selected by Invernomuto and a network ...

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