Beatrice von Bismarck

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On the occasion of documenta’s 14th edition, this special issue scrutinizes the ways in which the Kassel-based periodic exhibition has been contributing to curating the history of the present since its inception in 1955. From diverse perspectives, the authors engage with questions of how documenta’s iterations played a significant role not only in the making of a history of contemporary art but also in the canon of the relatively young field of curatorial and exhibition studies. Focusing on documenta’s engagement with artistic and broader cultural developments, as well as its implication in shifting socioeconomic and geopolitical contexts, the texts assembled ...
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Progressive Art Institutions in the Age of Dissolving Welfare States The final word of power is that resistance is primary.” (Gilles Deleuze) The indissoluble link between power and resistance, as described byFoucault and Deleuze, is especially evident in the institutions of theart field. Progressive art institutions play a particularly exposed role here as buffers against the influence of state and capital on critical art practices and as machines of a soft instrumentalization of resistance at the same time. The essays in this edition discuss strategies and alliances between activist art practices and progressive art institutions that are capable of providing artistic criticism ...

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