DeForrest Brown, Jr.

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A TECHNO Conversation between DeForrest Brown, Jr. & Katia Mullova DeForrest Brown, Jr. is a producer, media theorist, and curator. Brown has released music both under his own name and with the Speaker Music moniker and he’s a representative of the Make Techno Black Again campaign. For this episode, he discussed with DJ and radio host Katia Mulluova some of the themes of Assembling a Black Counter Culture, to be released in 2021 by Primary Information Press. The book traces techno roots with a focus on Black experiences in industrialized labor, revisiting thinking and techniques behind key early players and placing ...
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PublisherTriple Canopy2020
“We were not Kraftwerk. Kraftwerk had deep pockets.” A mix that presents techno as an embodied aural history of Black life in America (and not as psychedelic delirium); a response to “Rave,” an excerpt of the English translation of the German author and playwright Rainald Goetz’s eponymous novel. With artwork by Abdul Qadim Haqq.
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PublisherSocial Discipline2020
We are back with DeForrest Brown, Jr. | Speaker Music. We talked about the East Village in the age of COVID, DeForrest’s forthcoming book: “Assembling a Black Counter Culture” in light of the killing of George Floyd and the BLM demonstrations all over the world. Discussion ends touching never released Final Fantasies, moving from Alabama to Manhattan and how America, basically is a scam. As usual, in-house counter-police enforcement beats mixed with some classics from Detroit and a final gem by our guest with Kepla.

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