Federica Bueti

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PublisherArchive Books2020
This collection of writings from Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung presents, for the first time in one volume, essays and proposals edited anew. Ndikung’s expanded curatorial practice delineates the space of exhibition making as a space of critical thinking and of experimentation. By proximity, these texts echo each other, resonate with each other, interfere with each other, and present perspectives on the political, poetic, and philosophical potentials of exhibition making, beyond the tight corset of the discipline itself.
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PublisherFall Semester2016
The end is not an apocalypse, but a simple split. Subject and object have set off on different trajectories hoping that they won’t see each other ever again. While the object declares its independence, the subject looks for a new body, for new meanings, but then she chokes on her old self-image, her usual words: self, other, other than oneself, self-care. Although she has been dreaming of autonomy and self-detachment, she finds it hard to digest the fact that she has been left to herself. She longs for a new relationship with the object. She feels a deep connection with ...

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