James Lee Byars

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PublisherKent Fine Art2014
FLEX was an exhibition organized in 2014 by Orlando Tirado that placed a new sculpture and performance of mine with contemporaries Math Bass, Dan Finsel, and Molly Lowe, alongside works by historical figures Richard Artschwager, James Lee Byars, Guy de Cointet, Marcel Duchamp, Robert Morris, and Myron Stout. This folio/catalog, released in conjunction with the exhibition and printed on folded newsprint, served as a checklist for the exhibition, provided historical context, and expanded on the exhibition’s aim to provide an “alternative to presupposed identity politics, one that re-defines the body against the grain of a representational impulse.” In an in-depth ...
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This book, also known as One Month, was organized by Seth Siegelaub and took the form of a page-a-day calendar for the month of March 1969. Siegelaub developed the book by assigning each of the 31 invited artists a specific day of the month (and its corresponding page) upon which they would construct a work. These text-based works were then collated and published by Siegelaub, leaving blank the pages assigned to artist who failed to respond. The participating artists were Carl Andre, Mike Asher, Terry Atkinson, Michael Baldwin, Robert Barry, Rick Barthelme, Iain Baxter, James Lee Byars, John Chamberlain, Ron Cooper, Barry ...

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