Tei Carpenter

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The Intentional Estates Agency [IEA] adopts and modifies the mechanisms of desire and commodity logic of a real estate agency to engage issues of degrowth. It offers a brochure of sixteen portfolios of degrowth options that draw from a catalog of historical, contemporary and speculative intentional communities and social experiments from around the world. Rather than an emphasis on cost, location or square footage, these portfolios foreground, for example, communal metrics, platforms for collective sharing, and resource management. Designed as an interactive questionnaire, the brochure prompts participants to discover a portfolio that might be suitable for them as a means to ...
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PublisherThe Avery Review2018
Tei Carpenter zeroes in on what’s at stake in Designing Waste; Mimi Cheng choreographs a pas de deux between the Schindler House and Gerard + Kelly’s Modern Living; our 2018 Editorial Fellow Imani Day calls for “instigative design” in Detroit public schools; and Kevin Gotkin exposes the ableism at the heart of Heatherwick’s Vessel.

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