Biljana Ciric

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PublisherFall Semester2016
I have a seventeen-month-old son. Since becoming a mother, my day in Shanghai, where we are based, will start with turning on a computer, checking Shanghai’s air quality index and then decide how to continue a day with my kid. On a regular day, the air quality pollution index in Shanghai is usually around 150 PM 2.5 which is not recommended for taking such a small kid outdoors. Since the end of July this year air quality has been noticeably better so that we can actually see the clouds in the sky when we look out of a window. Maybe this ...
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PublisherAsia Art Archive2015
The fourth issue of Field Notes is a part of a combined and distributed effort towards formulating a multivalent answer to the answer of how we remember exhibitions, and by extension, what knowledge is gained through the process. Exhibitions are where artworks meet their publics. In the context of Asia, with the general absence of systematic public collections and few academic art history departments, exhibitions are more than just sites of display and interaction. Exhibitions—and the curatorial strategies shaping them, institutional demands driving them, and art writing accompanying them—have become the primary sites of art historical construction. The last decade has seen ...
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The contributions to this second issue of Qalqalah were born from encounters and discussions held during seminars we recently organized or were invited to attend. Collecting Matters: The Place from Where We Look, organized in June 2015 in Paris by Kadist Art Foundation, examined collecting strategies, the re-writing of art history and the reconfiguration of artistic practices in the age of globalization. Bringing together six young international professionals, curators and researchers, the discussions focused on the notion of locality. If “the place from where we look” is socially, ideologically and culturally conditioned by a given society, what view should we ...

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