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The exhibition “In the Heart of the Country” is the first comprehensive presentation of the international collection of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. In a relatively short time—the Museum was established in 2005—the institution has acquired over 300 works. First and foremost, these are works purchased as part of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage’s “International Collections of Contemporary Art” programme, as well as donations and temporary loans from artists, private individuals and businesses. Many of the collected works were commissioned by the Museum for its exhibitions and public projects (such as pieces by artists like Sanja Iveković, Zbigniew ...
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PublishersEl NichoBuró-Buró2018
It is interesting how important sound is in our societies, particularly for actors that are involved in and committed to processes of creation and presentation, not only of music but of the performative arts. But how relevant is sound and music to a general audience, or to a specific audience? Why obsess over the fact that sound does not have its own space, that is, that it is not paid sufficient attention in the broadest context of contemporary art or that it does not hold the interest of curators or critics? When does sound become relevant and take shape in ...

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