Davide Deriu

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Dizziness is more than feeling dizzy. In this multidisciplinary reader, artists, philosophers, and researchers from a range of experimental sciences and cultural studies trace dizziness not only as a phenomenon of sensory input impacting our vestibular system, but also as a twofold phenomenon of “sense”—creating meaning and triggering emotions. It is an interdependence of sense and sensing, of cultural constructs and sensuality, of somatic and cognitive knowledge, that can only be conceived of as a complex relation of both formation and dissolution, habituations and transformations, pertaining to our shared reality and our individual experiences. This is further reflected in the ...
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Melville’s narrative is mentioned to suggest, recall, and emphasize “frontier research,” meant as a mode of investigation literally positioned at the extremes of knowledge, at the edge of what is known. The task of any research is to go beyond the already known, the already given. Beyond the mainstream, however, working at the edges means tackling controversial issues, which are difficult to settle with established methodologies: it calls for the “move of the knight.” In other words, it requires experimentation even in practice. More than that, frontier research is aimed at refuting dominant paradigms, thereby working with a high degree ...

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